Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Kaelyn & Blondie braving the ice pellets to play!

I'm still in St. Louis for another week (YAY!) and have been hunkered down for the past 2 days, awaiting this so-called blizzard that is supposed to hit the bi-state area. The panic newcasts began Saturday night...with my personal highlight being the LIVE reports from 7 different locals, all of the remote reporters confirming that "nope, there is nothing going on here yet"! RIVETING 24 hour "snow mode" broadcasts on the local channels...for...exactly what, I'm still not sure.
i love the "storm mode" running banner! What exactly does that MEAN?!

Yes, there is 11 inches of snow in the rural areas, and Hwy 70 is shut down for hundreds of miles due to whiteout conditions and ice pellets have been falling almost everywhere for hours...but SNOWPOCALYPSE? Hmmm...I remain skeptical as the forcast for the St. Louis area has gone from 12-24 inches, to 6-12 inches, to 4-10 inches to the current 2-4 inches...dang it! Am I wrong to feel disappointed?! Ripped off? I mean, I DID pay over $400 to rent a car and now I have been not driving it for 3 days and have been missing out on plans to hang with other friends and go to some of the places I always like to go when I come home...but only because I am staying in to await the blizzard...which has yet to materialize!
i do NOT miss THIS shi*!!

 I DO feel for everyone who HAS to get out in it and possibly get stuck at work (or worse)...but the city has basically shut down in anticipation-even the malls are closed, the Blues NHL game for tonight has been postponed to another date and the 24 hour "quick shops" are closing at 8 pm tonight! I dunno, maybe it is the "vacay" mode I am in being here...I got all excited at the thought of being truly SNOWED IN...but I know it is best for everyone if the extreme dire forecasts of SNOWPOCALYPSE doesn't actually occur. I survived the Blizzard Of '82 (with the assistance of beer & Doritos) and assume that I will more easily and happily survive whatever happens here now, as long as I am "stuck" in the house with my Kaelyn & Ryatt!

Mr. Happy!

We have plenty of tortilla chips, salsa, hummus & pita chips, "puppychow" and magazines, and oh yeah- love! Kaelyn is making white chili in the crock Pot, Ryatt has been happily soaking up all the attention having mama, Gooma, Gramma & Papa home is providing him with (poor Dada Jake is at work at the Moonrise Hotel-which, of course, is booked solid!) and I am so enjoying our quiet,lazy downtime together! It is supposed to get to -5 tomorrow, and the snow IS coming...so maybe by this time tomorrow I will be eating my words of disappointment (along with snow ice cream-YUM!) But even without a foot or two of snow, other than being home in Seattle with my man & hounds, I cannot imagine anything more* I need to be:

Happy Me-LaurieZ!

* but I DO wish that my son Trevor was not in Chicago right now!!! Or actually, I wish he was staying there a few more days so I don't have to worry about them driving home in the middle of the snowstorm...


  1. I can not believe the photos! I am so glad to live on the wet west coast in times like these, still I hope you are all warm and safe and enjoying each other.