Saturday, February 19, 2011

What Have I Been Doing?!

Since returning from my wonderful trip "home" to St. Louis, I have been feeling a bit, how shall I say...
Out of it?
Still in vacay mode?

I mean, took me almost a week to even get around to unpacking! And over a week to tackle opening the giant pile of swaps I recieved while gone (a "task" that I should have been eager to do!) I didn't even read the Sunday paper until Tuesday! And I have not meditated, worked on my daily "goddess" journal or weekly planner or even thought about creating anything...much less diving into the mass chaos which is the state of my garage art "studio" since before I even left!

This all does not bode well with me.
I am organized! I am a planner! A scheduler! A DOER! A list making/task-crossing-off person!

So today,before I beat myself up anymore, I need to tally what I HAVE been doing since arriving home
11 days ago:

i enjoyed a yummy lunch with my much missed man
 at our fave vegetarian restaurant,
Bamboo Garden

i got excited about the daylillies coming up!

and i squealed in delight at our cherry tree's first blossoms...
on Valentine's Day!

and speaking of Valentine's Day...
i was genuinely surprised by a big bunch of beautiful flowers from my man!
(do you think the girls are jealous?!)

i decided to try a snack i kept contemplating on the past serveral visits to Trader Joe's...
(glad it was only ninety-nine cents!)

i thrilled to my fortune of having such creative, talented, generous Swap-Bot partners!

i created an image using one of the lovely creations made for me

i/we searched for a dog/house sitter, found one who looked promising, interviewed her, 
thought she was awesome, reserved her for 6 days in May, wrote up care details,
searched flights and hotels, booked flights and hotel,
and finally started getting excited about our upcoming trip
 in May, to Janelle's college graduation in Macon, Georgia
 (including a few days in Atlanta with our friends Jeff & Sue,
and me going on to Florida to meet up with my daughter & grandson,
and later a girlfriend, to stay with my mom for 17 days!)

i divided up my big heart day bouquet into 6 smaller ones
 for us to enjoy in several rooms!

we went to the library and found some interesting movies/shows on DVD...
...along with a pile of books to peruse

i started the daily Craigslist search for a "new" sectional for our family room
(we both agree that we like this one at JC Penney...we just don't like the price!)

i rubbed dog bellies...alot!

So...I guess I actually HAVE done SOME stuff...and looking back now, I realize that these were just the things that I wanted and NEEDED to do, in my own time, as I got re-acclimated to "real" life, my life, our life, this life I so love.

And now, I will commit to doing all of those other things that I think I SHOULD be doing, to feel like I am "back on track", "productive", "organized" and crossing-things-off-my-TO DO list! :)



Good advice for continuing to be: 

Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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  1. Well.. I like the swapping pics.. you got some good stuff there dear..:-)