Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After...

Yeah, you all know what the title of my post today refers to, dontcha?
Dec. 26th.
Only the most boring, let down, dumb day of the entire year, huh?
And falling this year on a frickin' MONDAY, no less!
Just adds insult to injury, right?

Well, I just have to laugh at all of that.

Honestly, although I really loved the 2 straight days of down-time...               
glowing in a quiet contentment of the simple intimate celebration of snuggle ups with my guy & doggies, lazing around watching holiday movies, eating special indulgent foods, opening special little goodies from special people, wishing my loved ones a happy day via phone calls and watching a pretty color streaked sunset.. that
*****"all over"*****

I am not really feeling (*negatively) affected, like *most people.
(*or so I hear)

To me,
today is just "another day"...

Another day
to be grateful for the wonderful everyday things I am surrounded by
(every single day).

Another day
to find contentment in (the so many) simple things that are simply amazing.

Another day
to let special people know that I love them.
(and even share some love with strangers).

Another day
to count my blessings.
(as if I could ever count them all!)

Another day where I bask in the glorious miracle of my life and all of the abundance and love and grace and joy and love and thankfulness I feel.

Hmmmm...kinda like...what Christmas (or insert your winter holiday here)
is supposed to feel like and be all about...?

So how was YOUR day after?

Can you find a bit of lingering holiday spirit?

Would you like it to feel like Christmas everyday?

Do you think you could make that happen for yourself?
(and maybe even others)?

the next day...

Can you imagine what that would be like?
How would it change how you feel?

Happy day after to you and yours!

and every day,
I strive to be:
Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. Yes! Every day is an opportunity to practice joy and gratitude!

  2. Love this! Happy Day After to you too! Mine felt like an extension of christmas I guess it wasn't too bad at all :)....more holiday movie watching!

  3. *soft smile* - what an inspiring post, Laurie - so full of joy and such an awesome reminder :-)

    Thank you for sharing it!

  4. I needed to read this. TY for the reminder to just *be* enjoy. :)