Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

Happy last Thursday of March! I cannot even comprehend that it is almost APRIL!
(never mind the YEAR! lol!)

Today's post is the debut of Thankful Thursday...which is pretty much just what it sounds like it would be.
An off-the-top-of-my-head, whatever-comes-to-mind list of random things I am thankful for today.

And so...

*I am thankful for the Pandora music site , which opens me up to soooo much awesome new music!
Plus it has a "thumbs down" icon I can click on if I never ever want to hear THAT song again!
(unlike the highly annoying radio stations, which is why I rarely listen to them anymore!)
Yes, there are occasional online commercials, but not nearly as many as on the radio.
Right now I am listening to the "Buddha Chant" station...quite nice.

(photo by me)
*I am thankful for the (seemingly never-ending) rain. Or maybe I really mean the big bay window directly across from me which overlooks our side yard & pond and the woods beyond...through which I can watch the rain dancing and shimmering as it falls.
I suppose it is a "thankful" thing that I so love the rain...since I live in the Pacific Northwest!
This is how very much my soul is soothed by the sound of rainfall:
for the past 3+ years, hubs & I have fallen asleep almost every single night to the sound of rain falling...
provided by a most lovely CD that I found at the (now gone, sad face) Puget Park Drive-In flea market just down the street from our house.
For a buck.
Which reminds me, I really REALLY need to "burn" an extra copy or two of that CD.
If it poops out on us, I may never sleep again...!
So yes, I am thankful for the rain!
(except for the neccesation of wiping off 12 muddy paws about 16 times per day, do the math...)

* I am thankful for my aforementioned husbands tolerance (and practially downright support!) of my addiction to Yankee Candles.
I usually have 3 "tarts" burning at all times-two in the family room & one in the bistro.
Right now, the amazing scent is bringing me wonderful memories that I don't even really have,
of a slow stroll through a lush vineyard in the golden glow of a warm fall late afternoon.
(aka: "Napa Valley Sun")
Ahhhh, now all I need is a glass of Reisling to complete the picture... ;)

*I am thankful for the wide open expanse of time that lays before me upon waking up
(also thankful I can usually wake NOT to the jarring sound of an alarm clock!), almost every single day.
Time to do pretty much whatever calls to me to do.
Some days it is the call to spend 5 hours browsing online.
 (how THAT happens, I have no clue. IE can certainly be a big black hole / time machine.
There must be a hit movie in that concept somewhere!)
Some days it is a call to snuggle the hounds, curled up in the bistro chair with a stack of magazines, and exist on lattes, tea and Hershey's Kisses.
(and doggie kisses too)
Other (more "productive"!) days find me in my garage art studio, lost in the "Zen Zone" of making a great big (hopefully!) pretty mess that I like to call my art!
Days like today bring a little bit of everything, plus a few loads of laundry.
(I am NOT complaining.)

(photo by me)
*I am thankful for our printer having a brand new ink cartridge, so I can print out the awesome new Spring Blessings ebook offering from my sweet Goddess Sister friend Dominee! I am lucky enough to have won a free copy from her blog givewaway last week, and even though spring seems to be taking the rest of the week off here in the PCW, I think it is a perfect time for me to learn some tips on getting all revved up for this season of changing, growing,blossoming and renewal!
Thank you, Dominee, can't wait to dive into the season with you!

What are YOU thankful for this Thursday? Never forget your abundance of blessings, every day!

Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. Laurie, I LOVE thankful Thursdays - great idea! I am oh-so-thankful for my new job, which appeared seemingly from out of nowhere and is affording me the ability to spend my days using my strengths to help a cause I believe in AND break out of the soulsuck of corporate life... and I am endlessly thankful for my handsome fiance, who I love more than anything and who brings me so much joy and laughter every single day.

  2. I am thankful for the weekend being here (I have Fridays "off" ), giving me a chance to do some art and go to a yoga convention! Yay