Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Smile: "Arting on the Beach!"

It was a glorious day, far too beautiful to spend inside! I could hear the beach calling my name (it had been almost a week, after all!), so even though my guy couldn't join me (weekend work crisis plus being in the middle of the latest home improvement project), he was sweet enough to drop me off at nearby Meadowdale beach around noon today. I packed up water, snacks, a magazine, my camera, and a little bag of art supplies: pencil, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, a few brushes, an eraser and a small pad of watercolor paper...I am always fascinated when I see someone drawing or painting out-of-doors, so I have decided to try my hand at it as often as possible myself! I have more than enough art supplies to put some aside in a small bag, ready to go with me on outdoor adventures!
So when I arrived at the beach, I found a good spot to lay out my beach towel between two large hunks of driftwood (aka: giant trees that washed up on the sand!), and took off beachcombing for a few hours!

When I got hungry enough, I headed back to my spot, ate a snack and pulled out my art stuff. The view was so amazing, I just had to try to capture it...

I can't believe how much I loved creating out in the sunshine, I just felt so connected to the elements: the expansive clear blue sky, the sparkling blue grey water, the snow capped mountains visible through the sea mist, the soft warm sand and the fresh deep green of the trees. My drawing ability is not that great, but the process was just soul opening and lit me up inside! As I was putting my supplies away, these 2 women who had been sitting about 15 feet in front/to the left of me got up to leave, and as they walked toward me, one of them said " Oh, you're all done! We were watching you and were hoping to see what you were drawing"! I couldn't believe it- someone had been watching ME drawing "plein aire" like I love to watch OTHERS! I hesitated a bit, kind of nervous about sharing what I had as I showed them the page, I murmured the disclaimer that I wasn't really good at drawing, that I was really a photographer but was trying to expand my art horizons...or something lame like that...! Of course, they exclaimed over it and said it was really good...but what were they SUPPOSED to say to me about it after that set up I provided?! After they left, I started thinking about my immediate emotional reaction about showing them my art, and my self-depreciating response and  need to offer a "disclaimer" to them about what I created. One one hand, I KNOW my artistic limitations, and don't pretend to think that I am good at what I know I am not, (which is why I keep practicing and stretching myself to try new things!)... but on the other, why do I feel it necessary to "warn" others about that lack of ability when they ask to see my creative expression?! It was a very unexpected experience and something which I would like to work on to try to handle differently if/when it happens again! I am much better at sharing my photographs because there ARE quite a few that I like a lot, and think are pretty pleasing to view, which is not necessarily how I feel about my drawing! (but really hope to someday!)

After that, I walked for an hour or so in the other direction, as the tide hit the lowest point of the day.

I love people watching too, and can't help wondering how her shot of the seagull turned out!

 This is a summer beach camp...everytime I see this place I think about all of the interesting happenings and memories that must be made there by the campers each summer...and wouldn't it be a great storyline for a movie? I also love watching the trains that barrel along the tracks...

...and it was so cool to see these airplane bodies going by on the tracks!

As always, I collected about 32 pounds of rocks and beach glass...this beach is now my current favorite for finding both! This rock looked like it had a scar!

I spent over 6 hours exploring today, and I cannot believe how exhausted I am from just strolling in the sunshine!
I hope these photos of my wonderful afternoon at the beach has put a smile on your face!

Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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  1. Venturing out with your art supplies is brave and the right thing to do. It frees the soul. I love your post today and the photos.