Thursday, August 23, 2012

On the Street & Hugs!

Greetings all!
Right now, I'm on a 3 week visit to my home-away-from-home paradise...beautiful Sarasota on the Gulf Coast of Florida!
I am *frustrated* to say that I have only been a beach bum for about 3 hours total since arriving Friday evening...I know this will sound whiney & ungrateful, but really, for me, it is simply a is just *TOO*DANG *HOT* for this fair-skinned freckle-faced red-head to be out cooking under that blazing orb! (and even though I lived in the sauna of the MidWest all my life, being a Pacific Northwesterner for the past 4 years has REALLY changed my inner thermostat!). So I've been doing a lot of junkin' (TONS of great thrift stores down here!) and am really looking forward to heading to Key West tomorrow with my mom for 3 days of fun! We're hoping to squeeze in some lazy beach time there...IF we are not too busy shopping & sipping margaritas! (well, probably some other fruity umbrella attired drink since I am not a fan of margaritas!)
Now everyone, if I could just ask a little bitty favor from you... please say a little prayer that my tummy does not rebel on the 3 and a half hour Key West Express boat ride to the island...! Without going into much detail, I will admit to *losing it while parasailing a few years ago (ON AN EXTREMELY WINDY DAY DURING WHICH I WAS BOBBED UP AND DOWN 500 FEET IN THE AIR LIKE A FRICKIN' YOYO!)
And yes, (cause I know you are wondering) it was while in flight.
That's all I'm saying about THAT 2008 Mothers Day surprise (tandem) gift for my mom!
*and yes, "losing it" means exactly what you think it does...

I am "armed" with "Sailors Secret" ginger pills & "Sea Bands" accupressure wrist bands...but you may still begin those stay un-sea-sick prayers for meanytime now, please!!  :)

For week 18  52 Photos Project, Bella asks us to share a photo depicting

misty early evening street view
Nye Beach, Newport Oregon

And this week for Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie asks us:
hmmm...I'm a BIIIIG fan of hugging!
I could probably come up with about a dozen people I would love to hug right now!
But I will just answer with the first person who popped into my head...

~my dear friend Debbie, AND her sweet old doggy Dozer,
who had surgery today to remove a tumor (the doggy, not my friend!)~

Have a great weekend, everyone! Updates on my vacay next week! :)
Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog post!

  2. Enjoy beach bumming it and have a drink for me! Sending a prayer for a stable tummy your way :)

  3. Enjoy the rest of your trip, I hope you are able to spend more time on the beach, perhaps you will become more accustomed to it. Gorgeous street shot.

  4. I love that photo! Hoping it cools down a little and that you enjoy your beach vacay!

  5. I hope you were able to enjoy the beaches in Florida. My grandfather lived there, so I've been to several of them. I love your stunning photograph of Newport, Oregon.

  6. Love the moodiness of the photo!

  7. I hope that you had a great time! <3

  8. I suspect I'm way too late, but I'm sending you positive vibes for your trip! I hope your inner thermostat is re-calibrating so you can be a beach bum for real (and I feel ya - as a half irish pale-face myself, it sucks - beautiful days and I have to sit in the shade!!! Not that it's that big a problem in the UK!) x