Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Wishes & What's Cooking

Today is 12-12-12.
I wish I would have remembered to look at the clock at 12:12 am...
(we were watching a movie-"Ruby Sparks" at that time!)
...but in about 45 minutes, I get another chance! ;)

According to Chinese numerology, the number one is a yang number which is ruled by the sun and represents independence and individualism. Two is a yin number which is ruled by the moon and represents symmetry and balance. When placed together, the number 12 brings harmony to the yin and yang, balancing the feminine energy of the moon with the masculine energy of the sun. 12/12/12 equals la day of great harmony.

It makes me kind of amazed (and sad...) to know that this is the last sequential date to ever occur...

Today for Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie asks us to share TWELVE wishes we have...
Here are mine, in no particular order, or without putting immense thought into them...just what first comes to mind...

1. I wish for continued health and happiness for myself, my husband, my family, friends and all those I love and care about. (including our doggies, and the pets of everyone I love too)

2. I wish for our fallen tree destroyed back deck to be able to be repaired-rebuilt-replaced as soon as possible and with as little stress, worry and hassle as possible.

3. I wish for far more people to realize that animals-of all kinds- are intelligent, emotional, important and deserving, and better honor our sacred connection with them.(ie: cease abusing, using & dishonoring them)

4. Same as above for the land and oceans of this planet.

5. I wish to begin a daily meditation practice.

6. I wish to be able to open my heart to those people, things & situations which cause me-from fear and insecurity-to keep it shut tight and respond/react in less than my highest self ways.

7. I wish to be able to continue and increase my creative experiences with challenges and growth and remembering to enjoy the process.

8. I wish to be able to travel as much as possible, to places both near & far.

9. I wish for my husband and I to continue to grow and deepen our bond of love and contentment.

10. I wish to find a "tribe" of friends (who live near me) to journey and explore life with, and feel a part of.

For this week's 52 Photos Project, we are sharing photos of WHAT'S COOKING?

my new/latest fave lunch:
asiago cheese bread
fresh avocado
goat cheese crumbles
fresh ground pepper
toast/brown/melt under broiler

Hope your day is magical and full of wishes come true!
Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. Looks absolutely de-lish! BTW, it's not the last sequential date ever, just the last in this century. Feel better? :~}

  2. Great list, Laurie, and thank you for the numerology wisdom! As you wish for yourself so I wish for you also.

  3. Looks delicious. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  4. As Laurie wishes for herself, so I wish for her also. Very nice and thoughtful wishes!

  5. Thanks for the numerology details on 12. As Laurie wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  6. Looks like a wonderful lunch! (Visiting from 52 Photos Project)

  7. As Laurie wishes for herself, so I wish for her also. Lovely wishes! May they all come true!

  8. Wonderful wishes - may they all come true! And yummy cheese toast - time to get into the kitchen!

  9. I wish I was having lunch at your place! This was a fun post. As Laurie wishes for herself, so I wish for her also!

  10. your fave lunch looks delicious!!!

  11. Looks like a lunch I would love!

  12. I will definitely *have* to try that delicious looking lunch!
    Thank you for sharing. xo