Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wide Open Wish!

Today at Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie asks us:

Right now at this particular time in my life, I wish for the best and highest good to occur for some special people I love, who are all currently going through challenges.

For my daughter: The ability to listen to her heart to help her be able to create positive, happy, special experiences and memories during these often stressful and overwhelming months of planning for her upcoming wedding.
For my husband: An easy, positive and productive transition of hiring/training a new assistant after his original employee gave his notice. (and left him running his multi-million dollar data center all on his own)
For my "roomie" friends: The ability to strike a happy balance between relaxing into and enjoying their "free time" learning about and exploring their new home,  along with success in finding satisfying new jobs which will enable them to begin their lives here on their own and in earnest!
For my son: An enjoyable return to his hometown and missed friends after several months of travelling, and the ability to find a job which he can tolerate doing for long enough to replenish his travel funds in order to continue his adventures!
For my best friend: The blessing of a much longed for and deserved whole new beginning.
For a certain young man: The strength to let his own light shine and to follow that illuminated path into a happy, healthy, whole life.

What do you wish for?
I hope all your wishes come true.

Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. Wonderful wishes! As you wish for yourself, so do I wish for you as well!

  2. what a great blog you have here! I love your list of wishes too. As you wish for your loved ones, i wish for you too!

  3. wishing you all that you wish for and more!