Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Risk Wish

Today for Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie asks us:


When I read today's prompt, my first thought is "I'm not really much of a risk taker".
I mean, I love fun, and adventures and exploring new places and trying (some) new things, but "risk"?
That word implies the possibility of real danger to me. Risking something = (the chance of) losing something.

"RISK" -noun1. a situation involving exposure to danger.2. expose (someone or something valued) to danger, harm, or loss.


But then, I think, I guess I actually take quite a few "risks" every day, don't I?

I risk burning the house down when I light scented candles throughout the rooms.
I risk a dog running off after a squirrel (never to be seen again) when I let them outside to potty (about a dozen times a day!)
I risk offending "friends" when I post something on my Facebook page.
I risk screwing up art I am creating with my inexperience/knowledge.
I risk dinner tasting like crap when I experiment with a new recipe or concoction.
I risk gaining a few pounds when I choose to heed my craving for a cookie (which usually turns into 6 cookies!)

Interesting...that my first examples of daily risk are those with negative outcomes!

How about...

I risk the house smelling delicious and cozy all day long when I light scented candles throughout the rooms!
I risk witnessing my dogs loyalty as they furiously guard their territory when I let them outside to potty and they see a squirrel in a nearby tree!
I risk opening a "friend" to a new idea, thought, connection or experience when I post something on my Facebook page!
I risk making something beautiful, unique and meaningful when I allow myself to just enjoy the process of creating!
I risk discovering a new favorite dish when I experiment with a new recipe or concoction in the kitchen!
I risk the pampering to indulge myself a bit with the enjoyment of a bad for me treat!

Past risks are bombarding my mind now fast and furiously.

Big risks.
HUGE risks.
Risks I regret, risks that hurt (myself and others), risks that proved tragic.
Risks that brought joy, risks that brought unexpected surprises, risks that turned out more amazing than my wildest dreams.
Risks others know that I've taken,
many that they don't.
Risks that truly did involve loss, and even danger, both great and small.
Risks that allowed me to survive and thrive.
Risks that caused me to fail and fall.

We all take risks.
Every single day.
If we didn't, we would never get out of bed. (and even that would be a risk!)

I wish to risk
in the ways which call to me to do so.

What about YOU? What risks do YOU wish to take?

Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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