Thursday, December 5, 2013

Polka Dots & Kickin' It-10 Things!

I *forgot* to share my photo of the week for 52 Photos Project yesterday, as I was so caught up in the ever fascinating topic of weather! (is it the same where YOU live, that if people couldn't/didn't talk incessantly about the weather, there wouldn't be nearly as many conversations whatsoever?! lol! I think it gets annoyingly comical at time, though I am definitely "guilty as charged"!)
So anyway, this week for Gallery 33, we are sharing photos of POLKA DOTS!

cute, colorful polka dot & striped skater in the Fremont Summer Solstice Festival Parade 

And today for Day 5 of Kickin' It Old Skool Blog-A-Thon, we are sharing
I decided to go kind of "factual" this time of answering this...(but who knows, I might get bored with the facts of me and veer off a bit to more in-tangibles by the time I get close to #10!)

1. I am an only child -but always secretly wished and had siblings I didn't know about (yet) and often fantasized that I was adopted. There were many advantages of being an "only", but I also envied those who had big, boisterous, exciting families to share everyday life (and especially holidays!) with. These days, the only family I have are my kids, grandson & mom, and an uncle, first cousin & "great cousin" (whom I have not seen for years.)

2. I have been married (holy crap, can't believe I am sharing this with *strangers*/ie-the whole wide webs!)
four times. Yes, you read that right. Four. And for the record, contrary to popular belief, the third time is definitely NOT "the charm" (for ME at least!). It is actually (& most DEFINITELY!) the FOURTH time!(aka:THE LAST TIME!)  My soul mate/best friend/hubby and I have known one another for over 20 years, but our lives did zig-zags around each other for many years, until "the planets aligned" and we were finally brought together as we were destined to be, almost 10 years ago. He proposed to me on Winter Solstice and we were married in a private ceremony (just us, the officiant & her photographer husband) on a secluded beach in Maui almost 2 years ago. And we are now living happily ever after!   ;)

3. I'm pretty tall (5'11") which was the bane of my existence in high school, garnering me names like "Giraffe", and making me about a foot taller than most guys my age. It was often assumed that I played basketball or was a runner...both  hilarious concepts to me! Although I have learned to love be ok with my height, I still lament the hassle of finding pants long enough for me and wish my feet were a more "normal" size. But I do secretly like getting things off the top of shelves for shorter people at stores, lol!

4.  My devout atheist Dad + my non-practicing Methodist Mom = Pagan/New Thought/Unitarian Universalist/Divine Feminine/Spiritual Seeker Me!

5. I believe in life (of some definition) on other planets, fairies, gnomes, trolls, unicorns, spirits & ghosts (not "boo" ones, but as alternate energies), the Loch Ness "Monster", Bigfoot, past lives, future incarnations, time travel, angels, spirit guides, totem animals, etc...but not "the devil" or heaven or hell (as they are generally defined by the masses). I also believe in the ability to communicate/connect/commune with all living things (and by "living" I mean rocks, grass, trees, clouds, rain, snow, shells, dirt, fish, the ocean, etc.) and the immeasurable power of love.

6. I have 4 children: daughter Kaelyn (28), son Trevor (25), "angel" daughter Chelsea (who was stillborn 18 days before her due date, caused by a "true knot" in her umbilical cord. She would have been 20 this past June), and "heart" daughter Janelle (24) my husbands daughter. I'm also mom to 3 fur-babies, aka: our "houndie herd" of Max (13), Dottie (7) & Annabelle (6), all (VERY SPOILED AND MUCH ADORED!) rescue Basset Hounds!

7.  My dad committed suicide 2 months before I lost my daughter. (my third (ex) husband also committed suicide, 5 years after we divorced)

8. I grew up with aspirations to be a teacher, actress or writer.
(I like to think that) I taught my children, I have had my share of drama queen moments and I write something almost everyday (some days it is just a grocery list, but still). So there! ;)
Actually, I am now very blessed to be able to finally do what I really have always wanted to do:
be a work-from-home artist/piddler/Internetter/domestic Goddess!

9. I used to *sing* a LOT when I was growing up. I  was in all of the choirs and special selected small singing groups throughout school. I still harbor a burning secret (well not any more!) desire to be one of those  people who sings moody, bittersweet, emotionally heart rendering, sweetly eclectic songs accompanied by an acoustic guitarists in a shadowy corner of a coffeehouse. Too bad I am not even certain that I have a voice that won't make dogs howl and babies (and adults!) weep.

10. Another of my biggest dreams is to cruise around the USA in a vintage trailer with unlimited time and money, to visit every cool, beautiful, funky and fun place I could find!

Well, I better just end this now because as I read through my answers, I keep thinking of possibly more important/interesting things I could have/should have shared! But, as I shared in #8, I have other Internetting & piddling responsibilities to tackle today! ;)

Thanks for reading-have a great day!
Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. 1. Maui is my favorite of the islands. 2. I am so happy to find at least one other person who sees rocks and snow and dirt etc. as "alive" 3. Thank you for sharing so much and congratulations on finally finding Mr.Right. Just think of the first three marriages as practice.

  2. Thank you for sharing. You have had some tough times but continue to dream Laurie Z. God bless

  3. yeah... I've got that vintage trailer dream too...

  4. The Universe can work in strange ways - I am glad you finally got to marry the right one, and I am sorry you had to know so many deaths.
    BTW, totally agree with #5, except I can't see rocks as living....

  5. Nice to connect with you again, Laurie! It sounds like there were some rough years there for you, but you have such a great attitude now.

  6. 1. I love your polka dot pic.
    2. I LOVED getting to know you better, Laurie! This was so much fun to read - what an interesting life you have had. It feels like I can sit & chat with you forever.
    Happy Holidays!!