Wednesday, January 1, 2014


And so it begins...another new year, another bright promise of chance and change and commitment, a big wide open sky of possibilities, a heart full and hopeful and intentional. I often think how *odd* it really is, this whole concept of "time" as invented by humans...and also how many various incarnations it has taken over the years. (kind of like money...and language...and letters...hmmm.) Basically just made up stuff to allow us humans to feel in control and masters of the Universe.
Time. "Relative, fleeting, limited, endless, on my side, running out, of the essence, an illusion, to slow for those who wait, a dimension...".
Adam Frank says There Is No Such Thing As Time. (just this short excerpt had my head spinning!)
How do you spend time? How do you waste or squander it? How do you hoarde and savor it? What does it want from you? What do you want from it? Where does it lead you? How has it served you? What do you believe about time? How is it integral? How is it unnecessary? What would you do with endless time to call your very own? How do you intend to utilize the time you are given this new year?
Not sure why I am rambling about this today, it wasn't really a "planned topic" to blog about, but I am just going to go with sitting down at my laptop every day and blogging intuitively...and if that fails me, I have a monstrous resource of journal prompts to keep me thinking and writing!

Hope your 2014 is blessed with times to savor and be grateful for.
Happy Me, Laurie.

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