Monday, March 31, 2014

I Made This Monday!

Yay! It's Monday again, so that means time to play along with Jamie Ridler & friends blog share I Made This! Monday.

 So...I have a fascination with all things clay...but the only creative clay experiences I have involve a long-ago middle school class where all I learned was the how hilarious it is to toss wet clay onto the ceiling when the teacher was not looking and wait a few days for it to suddenly fall from the sky...and cutting Play Doh hair when my kids were little! I recently purchased a Groupon to take a beginners pottery class (on a wheel just like Demi Moore, lol!) but have not yet summoned the courage to actually make my class I thought I'd start slow at home...using this Crayola brand air drying clay I found in the stationary/kids craft aisle at our grocery store! This 2.5 lb. tub cost $6.99, and came in white and natural colors. I went with the white so I could paint what I made (though I already have ideas for the natural color too!). I am a complete jewelry fixings/findings hoarder, so I decided to attempt to make a few pendants to incorporate into more elaborate beaded/charmed/found object necklaces (someday!). It was pretty supple & easy to work with, though a bit sticky at first, then got drier the more it was handled.

 I used a very small cookie cutter & this  handwritten stamp for the heart pendant, and this mold (found at a thrift store) to make the face pendants.

I let them air dry for about 4 days before I got around to painting them, using these paints:

I am pretty happy with the way they turned out, and will probably make more soon, using letter stamps to make word pendants, and other assorted items to press patterns and designs into the clay. And hopefully some upcoming Monday, my I Made This post will be sharing photos of the finished jewelry pieces, embellished with beads and charms and such into completed necklaces!

What did YOU make recently?

Thanks for reading, have a creative day!
Happy Me, Laurie.

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  1. So great to see someone enjoying what they love. I think you should take the leap and sign up for the class :)