Monday, December 27, 2010

Better Late Then Never...!

(looky what i did!)
Hello out there, cyberworld! So here I am, finally joining the ranks of bloggers...bloggerville...bloggerama...bloggerdom! Whatever you call it, I am fulfilling my goal/resolution, uh...of 2010 (shhhh!)...just a tiny little year late! Actually, it feels a bit "early" to me, as I had already decided that starting this blog would now be THIS years goal/resolution-and it is only Dec. 27, 2010! (*wink*wink*!)
At any rate, as the title of my debut post states: BETTER LATE THEN NEVER! (and a little thank you to my friend/mentor Julia, who started HER new blog today, ( and once again- as she is so dang good at doing-                got me Inspired! (yep, with a capital "I"!) 

I will (hopefully!) be blogging daily-sometimes short & sweet, sometimes long & rambling (more likely!) about my daily life-the good, the just ok, the ups & downs, the anything and everything, the whatever & nothing! Just depends on my day/mood/time/creativity/etc! I wish I could be more specific, but this is an experiment of sorts for me...
I spent many of my...ahem...more "youthful" years writing: writing letters, poems, lists, hopes, dreams, wishes, one-liners, frustrations, lyrics, all of those words that made so much *NOISE*NOISE*NOISE*NOISE* in my little head. Well, all these years later, I have realized-to my dismay-I don't really write much beyond my Facebook status updates-lol! And that noise? Still there. Plus, the "me" which I have just lately started feeling semi-comfortable calling myself (despite about 30 years having passed since I studied it in college) -"A Photographer"- yearns to share my images with as many as possible, in as many ways as possible, giving me yet another "excuse" to be here!
So lucky YOU (yeah- YOU- reading this blog!), YOU get to be my paper to write eyes to help me see the I sure hope so! (You can never have too many friends, right?). I can't really tell you what this blog will be about, beyond it's title (which is pretty much what I aspire to being everyday):
 Happy Me-Laurie Z!
Talk to you tomorrow!

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