Wednesday, December 29, 2010

**SNOW** place like home!

I woke up a five year old this morning! ***SNOWED***!
I had seen on the weather report last night that there was to be a "convergence zone" ( occurring where we live (in Everett, which is pretty much always IS a convergence zone!), even though the weatherman was quick to assure everyone that it would not be a repeat of  “ the Arctic blast” that the Seattle area suffered Thanksgiving week (a few measly inches of snow which basically shut down the city!)       A Midwestern girl like myself finds it highly amusing how devastating an inch or so of the white stuff renders this city-although I do have to admit that it is much easier to love snow when you don’t have to go out into it if ya don’t wanna…like lucky us! During that last snow, it took a friend of ours over 7 hours to drive home---and her workplace is less than 15 minutes from her house!                                                       
I went to bed feeling like I used to when I was a kid, hoping to wake to the sound of my daddy's office radio on in the room next to mine, with the deep throated KMOX broadcaster reciting off the dozens of school closings...and hearing MINE said among the many others! A SNOW DAY!!
I woke a few times during the night (after going to sleep after 2 am!...which is what I get for lazing in bed yesterday morning until almost noon!), and was disappointed each time when I looked out the bedroom  window to still see only green.
Around 7 am, Annabelle (the “baby” of our Basset Hound herd) woke at her usual time needing to go outside to potty (my daily morning duty) and as soon as I turned over towards our bedroom picture window, I could tell it had snowed because it seemed much lighter/brighter outside than it normally would be at this hour. I got up & peered out the window at the frosty woodland beyond…and heard the breathless exclamation of a five year old me: "*S*N*O*W*!"
I hurridly dressed and grabbed my camera, hoping it was light enough to get a few pretty shots before the yard was trampled by doggie paws (and the snow yellowed!). I think I have taken more photographs of the few snows I have experienced since living here for the past 2 and a half years then I did living in St. Louis for 47 years! The snow here is just always so…*perfect*…”snowman snow” as my daughter says! Thick, heavy, wet…covering every tiny branch, fern leaf and tiny red berry…it is just luscious, like an illustration from a fairytale! And as I said in the last paragraph, if you don’t HAVE to go out in it, what’s NOT to love about snow?! I truly pray that I never have to ever again experience the agony of it being so icy cold that my car door lock is frozen solid…or my front door lock…or my windshield wipers to the glass…BBBBRRRRRR! Yep, THAT is typical winter in the Midwest, and I feel for those who deal with that and worse (New Yorkers this week, for one!).
But beautiful, sparkling, I-can-just-sit-in-my-cozy-bistro-chair-overlooking-the-pond-and-sip-latte-while-listening-to-Enya snow here in the convergence zone of the Pacific Northwest?
It definitely makes for one:                                                                                                              

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