Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Arrives With A ***zzzzz***!

Welcome two-thousand and eleven!

365 brand new, never-before-lived days to make our very own! Whooo-hoo! That is pretty much the best gift I could imagine receiving for any holiday! And we all got it! Thanks, universe! You ROCK!

So what did you do with your first one? The start to this (as Rudolph would call it!)
"Shiny New Year"? 
Well, I can't help wondering if your day was as jammed packed with excitement as mine was!

Here is a rundown of the highlights of MY very first day of the new year-
Sat. Jan. 1, 2011:

8 am: let dogs out & fed them, then joined dogs in going back to bed
noon: reluctantly got up, with a bad headache and tilt-a-whirl tummy...
(no, I only had one glass of wine last night...but it coulda been the combination of fudge, pizza & dump cake
 that one glass washed down) I skipped my beloved morning...uh, noon coffee for some echinacea tea while we listened to "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" on NPR
1:30 pm: fell asleep in bistro chair with Annabelle (our "baby" dog)
3:30 pm: reluctantly woke up...
3:30 - 4:30pm: worked on my intentions to make this new year full of light & love (see above photo!)
4:30 pm: ate a salad & roasted red pepper tomato soup
5:00 pm: worked on laptop/online stuff (emails, swap ratings, FB, etc)
6:30 pm: Coming back into the bistro after a pit stop I tripped over Max (our old man hound), falling backwards & hitting the base of my head/neck square on the arm of the bistro chair
6:31 pm: fell asleep in the bistro chair
7:45 pm: reluctantly woke up...
8:00 pm: blogged about my banner first day of 2011!

hahahaha! Yes, I am laughing (now!)! Although the above pretty much sums up my day, and it is definitely NOT the day I was planning (well, half of it at least!), I am okay with that, 'cause guess what?
Tomorrow I get another chance! (and so do YOU!)
This incredible gift of a new year is the gift that keeps on giving! Tomorrow (and the day after that and the day after that and...) presents another chance for things to be better the next day-every day!

Tomorrow I hope my tummy and head won't still be hurting, I hope I don't trip over the dog and maybe I could get up a bit earlier to start meditating...but for now I am still breathing, still loved by my sweet boyfriend (and dogs!), still able to type on my laptop, still safe and warm with a roof over my head, still mom to the best kids ever, still listening to lovely music, and for sure I am now very rested!

So, in the spirit of one of my intentions-to have gratitude for everything that my daily journey on this path brings me- remembering that despite some mishaps today, all of the good in my life makes me remain:
Happy Me-Laurie Z! 

P.S. Look at this amazing end-of-the-first-day-of-the-New Year sunset which graced us...
how could I NOT be grateful for this day?

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