Sunday, January 2, 2011

♫ ♪ This Little Light of Mine...♫ ♪

So this big happy whoo-hoo New Years weekend is about to come to an end and the day of  returning to "normal life" will begin for many people bright and (probably way too) early tomorrow morning.
I feel for those/you people, I truly do.
I remember with not much fondness those evenings/mornings of feeling my own personal version of:


I feel almost guilty saying that because I work from home and Jeff is currently unemployed, that tomorrows arrival of a return to post-holiday normal/real life will have little to no impact on us.
Just as the typical "extra days off" perk of the holidays didn't really effect us.
The flip side of currently having about 1/3 the "usual" money coming in is that we are immensely blessed to instead have about 97% control of every moment of our days... (except for the whims of 3 spoiled doggies and this coming Tuesday from 9:30 am to around noon when I have a long, tedious, unpleasant dentist appointment scheduled!).
And also please believe me when I say we are both well aware of this great blessing and honor it as best we can every moment. (of course, we are both types who would pretty much rather be at home together than anywhere else, except maybe the beach or rain forest or with our kids or hanging out with johnny Depp or thrift store shopping...well, the last two  one is more just MY preference!)

So for everyone who may be feeling an extra bit of dread and dismay and general dammit/ickiness about leaving the magic of a few special days of wonder and anticipation and magic and just plain lazing around in your pj's staying in your warm, comfy home behind for a return to work-school-whatever responsibilities you have and have to return to, please know that there is a wish being sent out to the universe for you.

A wish for you to await, anticipate, seek out and expect something just a tiny bit amazing to come your way tomorrow when you go back to whatever you have not had to be at/doing during the holidays!
After all, real life is where the magic happens...holidays are simply a certain time when people seem to feel the pressure to MAKE magic happen! Real, everyday, daily life in the thick of reality is where connections are made, opportunities arise, doors are closed and windows opened to take a sweet hopeful peek into. With eyes and heart open as wide as we can manage, the sun WILL shine in.

(even if you sit in a windowless cubicle 8+ hours a day). 
and please don't think that I am trying to comment on something which is not in my realm of reality (cubicle vs couch).
I am just sharing what *works* for me. 

It might be in the form of light traffic, a big dog food scented puppy kiss, a good hair day, a fast Internet connection, happy kid goodbye waves, a funny email, a brownie for lunch dessert, a new friend made, a stunning sunset, your favorite song on the radio or just a deep calm intake of breath. It very well may be a smile you give to a stranger for no reason at all other than he or she looks like they could benefit somehow from one. From yours! But if you pay attention, something shiny will catch your eye, make your day, sooth your soul, speak to your heart...tomorrow and everyday. If you ask, expect and accept.
I am finding that when I recognize each small sliver of light in my days, the rays become more frequent and even brighter. And when I am the light itself, it not only brightens my day but warms my heart. And real/normal life becomes just a bit more holiday-like.

One of my New Years intentions: 
Be the Light.
(blindingly or simply a glimmer) 

Hmmm...I should rephrase that...
I already AM the light.
I just have to Remember To Let My Light Shine in some way for someone, everyday.

or ooooh...even better:
*To See The Light, BE The Light.

(pretty sure I am not the first to come up with that little new age catch phrase! But I still like it!)

And that remembering/seeing/being is sure bring magic to normal/real everyday life.
Mine and yours and who knows how many others!
*bright (pun intended!) idea*..!     in tomorrows blog, perhaps I could start sharing how I have put forth that intention each day...
check back to find out...!

And that will undoubtly create an even more:
Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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