Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Creating my "Perfect" Day!

So today, to me, was the "offical first-day-of-the-new-year-to-get-goin'-on-makin'-good-on-all-those-good-thoughts-and-plans-and-hopes-and-dreams-and-such-which-I-have-set-forth-intentions-of!
I always did have a thing about starting anew on Mondays! (if today had been the 1st, it would have been an over-the-top perfect start-anew day...but then again, perhaps a bit too much pressure! Kinda relieved I got the weekend to sorta practice, rest and charge up for today!

And how WAS my today, you may be wondering?

Well, of course I am intention-breaking guilty so I will confess that off the top of my head I can think of 2 MIT things which did not get completed.
(*Goddess Leonie created Goddess Workbook-speak for daily Most Important Task's...I choose 3 per day)

(Yeah, you're doing the math now, aren'tcha?)

Well, they weren't life or death tasks, but still. I did so much better on my two practice days!

Wait! I still have time to do missed task #1.-meditate!
Does it count if you fall asleep for about 7 hours in the middle of it?     ;)

And it's not like my mom is sitting at her laptop 24/7 waiting for those photos I said I'd email (missed task #2) to arrive in her Inbox. I hope.

So see? No harm done, really. I'll just have FIVE MIT's tomorrow.
After my approximately 2 hours dentaltorture appointment.
Or perhaps I will catch up on that missed meditation...all afternoon!  ;)

So back to today's official New Start to the New Year activities:
We've established that I kind skimmed on the MIT's for today.

But the good news is, I did countless LIBIJTST's (Less Important But Important Just The Same Tasks!),
which were fueled by the music of Counting Crows, Inxs, Michael Buble, The Wallflowers, Sarah MacLachlan, Putumayo World Music's "Arabic Groove" and  several hours of the "ambiance" station
on Pandora and included:

~started the day with a delicious fresh fruit, spinach & yogurt smoothie (day 3 in a row-yay me!
so please ignore the fudge confession later in this blog!)
~enjoyed about a half hour of a freezing-my-fingers-off photo shoot in our still-snowy-but-melting-fast side yard
~painted thirteen  1"x 2" x approx. 5-7" tall wooden "houses" for upcoming **Swap-Bot swap creations
(thanks to my Mr. Can-Do for the sawing and sanding part!)
~went through approx. 2,482 pieces of assorted ephmermera and other artstuff (including already- packed-away-and-not-easy-to-get-to holiday decos) to sort/gather/collect go-good-together items in 13 different colors/themes for the creating of aforementioned "houses"
~sent off email photo submissions & bio to 5 business seeking art to exhibit (found on Craigslist-which is how I get most of my exhibits)
~ created 3 art tags for a swap, wrote note to recipient, wrapped tags & packaged them up, decorated & addressed envelopes
~completed another partially created art swap (vintage Valentine cupcake toppers) & ditto all of the above for it
~caught up with all email tasks (2 email accounts, Facebook, various blogs, photo uploading & art business information photo collage postcard creation, Swap-Bot messages, sign-ups, ratings, comments, watchlist, new swaps, group forums, announcements, etc-Etc-ETC!)
~browsed through several books in the stack of over 50 items I currently have checked out from the library (can you guess what another of tomorrows MIT's will be?!)
~spent time working on my *2011 Goddess Workbook and personal journal daily page (well, okay, to tell the truth, that is what I will be doing after I finish this blog post-but it will be today for another 38 minutes, so it counts on my LIBIJTST's that I did TODAY!)

(and throw in some doggie play, random kisses from my man, a delish (homemade) dinner, 2 pcs. of fudge (that's the ignoring part I mentioned!), watching the news, "Jeopardy", "Two & A Half Men (2 episodes), "Rules of Engagement" and "Mike & Molly" (all while doing several something else's, mind you...and there is a big hole in our family room to prove that-Mr. Can-Do's doing, not mine-my tv watching mess  creative project is on the kitchen table!)
and probably another hour or so of random activity that has slipped my quickly tiring mind...(uh-oh, it's now tomorrow...)

Now that is what I call
A Perfect Day.
I created.
I read.
I journaled.
I played.
I loved.
I cooked.
I ate good for me (and not-so-good for me...shhhh!) food.
I photographed.
I learned some new factoids (from "Jeopardy"!)
I laughed. alot.
I got fresh air.
and sunshine.
(and snow in my shoes!)
I was inspired.
I inspired.
I communicated.
I listened to music.
I tried.
I kissed.
(man & beasts!)
I blogged.
I made a new (online) friend.
I was grateful.
So does it really matter that I did not meditate? Or email a few pix to my mom?
Nah. I won't hold it against me that I missed a few MIT's.
Tomorrow is another day.
And other than the part where I have to go to the dentist,
it is another chance to do all of the things that I need and want and love to do.
Things that make for a very

Happy Me-Laurie Z!

here are links to:
*Goddess Leonie/Goddess Workbook
**Swap-Bot art swaps info

and Happy One Whole Week Of Blogging To Me!
( a big I'm honored thank you to the 5 friends who are following me!)

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