Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"D" Day

Not my best day.
(but here is a cute photo of our middle-child furbaby Dottie, making one of her trademark pitiful faces, which I thought went well with my kinda cranky, poor-pitiful-me post for today!)

I blame it on Dr. C & his lovely assistant H, who like me (and my crappy teeth) so very much that they insisted that I spend over 2 hours in their company today...

As much as I, too, think that they are very nice and interesting people, unfortunately for me, those 2+ hours were spent with me in a dental chair, and with their hands and assorted other contraptions in my mouth---
poking and drilling and sucking and digging and doing-gosh-knows-what in there.


Well, truth be told, I have no one to blame but myself for having such bad past eating habits (can you say recovering sugar addict?), even worse dental habits, not-great teeth genes and massive intake of antibiotics as a child. Along with losing my dental insurance over 5 years ago when I was in the middle of major get-my-mouth-all-healthy work with left many of my half-fixed teeth vulnerable to additional damage.

Fast forward to late Oct. when I had one of those
oh-my-gowd-holy-bad-word-give-me-a-pair-of-pliers-or-a-hammer-or-a-bb gun-right-this-instant-so-i-can-end-this-excruciating-pain!!!! experiences...

Now almost 3 months later, I am am worth about $6,000 more and am a mere 3 appointments (and several thousand more dollars) away from having the healthiest teeth I have had since I was about 2.

Oh joy.
 (no really, it WILL be a joyous thing, I'm sure. Just not today. Ask me again in a few months.)


Needless to say, this was not a great, intention-filled, happy, productive, creative, perfect-like-yesterday day for me.
But as I predicted in yesterdays blog post, todays meditation goal was accomplished, and  in a major way:
over 2 hours of dental work + 3 shots of Novicaine + 4 Advil = 3 hour nap
Now THAT is some deep meditation!

Tomorrow, I hope to get back to being my usual:
Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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