Friday, January 14, 2011

crap rant.

(photo by me)

So today was half crappy & half not-so-crappy.

And I know you are just dying to find out the details.
Because why else do we read blogs? They are really just big wide open unlocked diaries, right?

So here's a peek into mine for today:

The crappy:

1. Woke up to find my reallysweetbabydog Annabelle and some reallyickydogstuff on the sheet right next to my leg in bed.
(hey, YOU'RE the one who started reading my blog-weren't you warned with the word "crappy"?
oops, no, it wasn't actually CRAP but it WAS from that general vicinity. I'm just sayin'.) 
Despite being the kinda extremist dog lover I am, it even grossed me out. I have not flown outta bed that fast since...I dunno, I guess since a few months ago when our back woods motion detector light went on around 3 am and shined through our bedroom window & woke us up...we flew out of bed to look out the window and spotted a beautiful coyote walking around on the ground below. Now THAT was a GOOD reason to fly outta bed.
Not so good of a reason this morning.

2. My sudden and complete intolerance and utter hatred for the approx. 347 CRAP emails I receive in my Hotmail inbox every freakin' day! (again with the CRAP!)

3. Thus my decision to try to become free from the time sucking task of deleting all but about 5 messages off Hotmail (more than once a day) by opening a personal GMail account.
That would NOT have made the crappy list in the least, had:

a) My Internet connection remained intact during this process

b) Either myself or Hotmail not lost their marbles and refused to believe that the password I have had for over 7 years (not to mention it being the same exact password I have for pretty much 99% of my online accounts of any kind-I know,I know- so sue me!) is  suddenly "invalid" which caused me to:
c) not be able to import any of the 127 contacts in my Hotmail list over to my new GMail account list.
(and no, I still do not know what it is. And you will never guess what my super secret security question (supposedly) is?
"What is it?"
BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (the manical laugh of someone about to throw her laptop out the window in a decidedly un-rockstar like fashion)

d) Along with the frustrating discovery that I could not have BOTH of my GMail accounts (personal & business, which I have had for over a year) open at the same time, which caused me to lose several messages I was attempting to send as my Gmail accounts took it upon themselves to close each time I went from one to the other...(yes, I finally figured out that I had to check some little box buried on some random account settings page for having multiple accts. open at the same time...jeez, I am an artist not a rocket scientist! (obviously, huh)

4. My shocked discovery that it is DARK already...meaning I have pretty much wasted 5 hours doing...  

5. And the rest of this list would simply be a fairly lengthy roll call of all the CRAP I did not get done, have not gotten done for days, which has been on my list of things to freakin' DO for way too long!
*big sigh*

oh yeah and I also somehow forgot to drink the super-good-for-me green smoothie I made this morning & put into the freezer to get a bit slushier... probably because I got sucked into the computer CRAP time warp for the rest of the day...
I guess it will be slushy enough (ie: frozen solid) by the time I have it for breakfast tomorrow morning. (*sigh*)

The not-so-crappy?:

1. Enjoyed a lovely half hour or so of bistro chair snuggle time with my man & beasts, while sipping yummy latte, listening to soft music and reading three kids books out loud to each other.
(a much more *yay* way to start the day!)

2. Received some super positive, encouraging, flattering compliments on swap art I sent to partners!

3. Took time to write out my madmeanmood in my journal (and on this blog too, obviously!)
*yay* (for ME at least!)

4. Made chocolate chip cookies and ate almost all of them at once , all warm & gooey right outta the oven!
(hey, it was a only half of a large roll of slice & bake, and I gave one to my man!)

5. Finished creating all but ONE of the Wooden Houses for a monthly swap which goes through next Oct. (one was even made by candlelight ‘cause we lost power for over an hour tonight!)

And yes, I DO realize that I have at least as many more reasons that this was a not-so-crappy day as I have emails in my Hotmail inbox.

Which  is why, when I remember that truth, despite minor inconveniences
(that I often let get to me & make me feel like crap but am working on not letting get to me and make me feel like crap),
I end this day feeling like:

Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. Making them all at the same time is a great idea. You get a chance to enjoy them before you send them away.

  2. Aww, I totally sympathize. I too had a half crap/half not crap day.

    skuldintape (swapbot)

  3. I've had plenty of these days! Hang in there! Love your blog though, seems really cool :)


  4. thanks for the LUV everyone. i went to bed after writing that feeling like a supermegaungratefulwhiney bit**, and thought i better change my tone or no one will want to read! haha! oh well, i know we all have days like that, or even worse, which is what i ended with remembering. so i guess i am ok with that! hugs!