Saturday, January 15, 2011

Share Some Stuff Saturday!

Today is Share Some Stuff Saturday! (says me, at least!)

some stuff:

How My Day Started:
i will be more than happy when it is no longer dark outside on the first round of the hounds (usually just little Annie-belle's) let's-wake-mommy-up time.
this mornings 7:34 am pitch blackness wake up call caused me to use not-nice words in a not-nice tone to her.
really not the first thing i want my precious babydog to hear out of her beloved mommy's mouth.
i coaxed her back into bed to snuggle with me and smothered her in i'm sorry kisses and i think she forgave me.
i got a whopping 38 minutes more of sleep.
then potty & breakfast (well, for them. i only got to potty. and by the way, don't even think about eating a green smoothie which was made 2 days prior and sat in the freezer for a day and then in the fridge for another. it is not a pretty sight to see so early in the morn.)
and guess where the hounds are now?
snuggled up in bed with daddy, snoozing away, as is their morning routine:
*wake mommy too early.
*get yelled at by mommy (cause mommy is a crab ass if she has to get up when it is still dark outside unless it is to catch a flight or the house is on fire or Johnny Depp has dropped by unexpectedly)
*snuggle back up for another 20-30 minutes with mommy
*wake mommy again when it is light out and we cannot bear to go another moment without something going out of us and something coming in. (potty & breakfast that is)
*get back into bed to sleep with a completly-oblivious-to-any-prior-or-current-goings-on daddy until between 10 - 11 am

a dog's life, indeed.

some more stuff:

i had a weird dream last night.
in it, my love and i were in our bed, asleep...when suddenly i woke to see a bluish grey sorta "foggy"  image of a wolf trying to get into our bedroom window, which in the dream, was just a few feet away at our bed/body level and partly open. (in reality, our bedroom is on the second story so is about 40 feet up from the ground)
i was terrified as i realized that it could indeed get inside to us and if/when it did, we would be torn to shreds by it.
i attempted to wake up my guy to tell him and was wimper whispering "honey...honey...wake you see that...honey...HONEY" no avail.
i stayed as quiet and still as possible, frozen in place, staring at the wolf and just waiting for it to figure out that it could easily break through the open window and get us.
i felt so scared but also almost resigned to the fact that this was it...
we were about to be killed by a wolf coming through our bedroom window.
and i thought about all the times we so enjoyed seeing the wildlife who lived in the woods surrounding our house, and how ironic and unfair this was.

then i woke up. (relieved to remember that our window is so far up from the ground)

and some more stuff:

things i hope to accomplish today:

1. open and rate 2 swap packages

2. put away piles of clothes (clean and dirty and tried on then discarded) in our bedroom
(which is starting to look like a teenage girls bedroom with all the random belongs-to-me clutter spread out all over...a BIG NO-NO in our book of what makes our perfect sanctuary of a bedroom)

3. finish making a few swaps to mail out soon
(Oct. wooden house, 2 handmade postcards, "my week in photos" email swap, 6 vintage ephemera handmade envelopes, 5 photo notecards, two sets of 3 pass-'em-along ATC swaps...and i know, i know...i am supposed to be making goats milk soap bars in there somewhere too!)

4. listen to/play along with "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me on NPR (online since it starts in 2 minutes and mainman is sill snoozing with the hounds!), while snuggled in the bistro chair, sipping latte (as is our Sat. morn routine!)

5. do at least one load of laundry (don't mind the DOING it part, but apparently have a problem getting it put away after it's done...see # 2 on this list!)

6. catch up with reading some of my fav blogs

7. upload some of the buttloads of photos i have taken over the past 14 mos. onto my online photoshare sites:
(in case ya wanna check out my work!)

8. make copies of cool stuff in a stack of library books for furture possible craft projects

and as a related side stuff story, here is a photo of a book i recently checked out of the library.
see that tiny leaf on the piece of paper? i had originally checked out this same book several months ago,
 and placed a few pretty little fall leaves inside the book to dry, and apparently forgot about them.
when i was flipping through the book again on this most recent check-out, i found them, all dried and smashed flat and preserved! kinda cool, i thought!

9. return last nights redbox DVD rental ("A Dog Year" with Jeff Bridges, based on the book by Jon Katz...HIGHLY disappointing ending which made the whole movie a bust) and hopefully find a better movie to rent and watch later tonight.

10. clean bathrooms...another tend-to-put-off chore.

exciting plans, huh?
well to me, it seems a perfectly perfect way to spend a day!
What is YOUR Saturday shaping up to be like?

Throw in an hourly kiss or two from my man & hounds and it will be just what I need for a day of being:

Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. Hi there I found you through swap-bot. I am now a follower. I love your blog header with the dandelion seeds flying through the wind.
    I can hear your voice when I read your posts -your funny :-) and that is a sign of good writer if I can actually hear you when I read!
    So does it really always drizzle in Washington state? I hear the state is so green and beautiful I hope to be able to travel there someday and explore

  2. awww-thanks a bunch, Kathy! Your sweet comments about my blog made me smile! I am happy to know that you can hear my voice 'cause even though I love to write and thought it would be easy to write my blog (especially since i also love to TLK!) sometimes I wonder how dumb or boring what i write might seem to readers! lol! I do think a sense of humor is an important and attractive trait so that is a big compliment you just paid me! I will be checking out your blog too!
    Yep, it is pretty dang rainy here, but you know what? I actually have grown to love it over the past few years of living here! I complain when it DOESN'T rain often enough! I do love the summers here too-just perfect (though short!) and fall is gorgeous too! It IS very green & lush and the trees-OH MY! I could not stop looking UP for a few months after moving here just because i was so amazed at how they towered! I had never seen mountains before either, so i still feel like sort of a tourist here! SO much to see & do , tons of art, cool people and great coffee!
    Take care-hope to "talk" to you again!