Friday, March 11, 2011

hurting hearts

i have not blogged for a long time.
several weeks.
everything is ok, i have just been busy.
and lazy.
and with not much to say.
yet beating myself up for not writing.
for not keeping to my intention to blog daily, or at least as frequently as possible.

so today i decided to write something.
whatever came to me.
about anything or nothing.
just write.

within 10 minutes of getting up this morning,
my heart was hurting.

i heard the news.
an 8.9 earthquake in Japan.
and the following tsunami.

so devastating.
so frightening.
so sad.

and then my phone rang.
my sweet daughter.
her voice breaking with tears.
sharing more sad news, closer to home.
her precious chi-chi dog, Princess, passed away this morning.
she was 11 years old.
a tiny little happy 15th birthday gift from her dad and stepmom.

and my heart hurt.
for strangers killed, hurt, lost, scared.
for everyone who knew anyone affected by the disaster.
for their hurting hearts.

and my heart hurt.
for my grieving daughter.
for her pain.
her loss.
her broken hearted sadness.


so i remember.
i pray.
i love.
i hope.
i count my blessings.

and i write.

thousands of strangers.
my precious daughter.
her beloved dog.

love is love.
loss is loss.

and remembering heals.

and i am really not at all right now, but maybe tomorrow will again be...

Happy Me-LaurieZ


  1. You're a very good writer, Laurie.

  2. thank you Gail. Emotion helps me write, writing helps my emotions.

  3. I am sorry to hear of your daughters loss. It is so hard to lose a pet that you have loved for so long.
    I have been praying for Japan and the Japanese Americans whom have loved ones over there.
    I received my photos from you through the Architectural Photo Swap on Swap Bot. After reading your profile on their I decided to pop over here to visit. I enjoyed the photos you sent. Thank you. Snail mail always makes me smile and I hope mine makes others smile, too. It sounds like you are in a happy place in your life. Literally and figuratively. I hope we can swap again.