Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lately I Like...

hand knitted pink urinals...look, don't use!
(and I could not even knit a scarf for a worm if my life depended on it!)

I'm not really a big game-player, but I would so play this
for the cuteness and obvious humor alone!

YES- I love veggies, I love that (fake-o) sea glass light, and I love Whole Foods Market!
 I worked at one in Florida for a far-too-short 4 months. 
At the top of the very short list of best jobs I ever had.
One is opening in 2012 about 2 miles from our house.
 I might actually think about getting a real job again...!

Googled images for vinyl LP crafts,
and came across one of these.
So I went to the thrift store for albums and hardware from an old tiered platter and...
made myself one!
Love it. Lots.
Not sure I want to give it up and have it for sale at the next craft fair I do...
but do you think someone would buy it if I did?!

Views like this make long, stupid errand-running days so worth it.

Jeff & I read the "I Saw U's" in the Stranger to one another every week,
mainly for the pathetic, misspelled-word-filled ads.
Occasionally, there are ones that melt our hearts,
Like the line from Rumi in this one.
Especially when Jeff  says :
"I believe this about us".
(and a big smile of agreement!)

i do not believe
that i will ever be too old
to not think
that Hello Kitty
is THE most
(and i am not even a feline fan!)

coffee + the Space Needle =

Happy Me-LaurieZ!

P.S. all photos posted on my blog were taken by me unless otherwise noted, in case ya care!


  1. thanks-i thought it was super cool/cute, esp. for those of us who actually used to HAVE vinyl LP's! haha!

  2. Lovely photos and blog. Here from Swap-Bot (Skron11).
    I'll swing by again soon.