Saturday, April 16, 2011

me + blogging= FAIL!

Yes, I am laughing AT myself.
Can you tell I am feeling a bit guilty about not keeping up with my goal of blogging *every*day...
(has that happened yet, I mean even like two days in a row, since I started in late Dec.? Doubtful...) I am, facing the keyboard, ashamed at my slacking.
It's been a month. ONE MONTH, to the date, since my last blog.
I'm pretty sure there isn't a single person actually checking my blog on a daily basis waiting with bated breath for a word form me. (my mom doesn't know I even blog-or quite possibly even what a blog IS, but even if she did, I seriously doubt that even SHE would care to know what I have to say each & every day!)

But that is sort of the problem here I think...
I don't believe that I actually HAVE something  to say or that I feel the need to share anything with anyone every single day.
I guess I do with my bf, but that is only because we are together pretty much every moment of everyday, so he HAS to be the one who "gets" to "listen" to me talking about whatever it is I feel the need to talk about.
(lucky guy, huh?!)

So I dunno...should I only blog when I feel like I have something interesting to say, or just blog like a running personal diary?
I have had this identity crisis once already since starting this blog.

Perhaps I have a shy blog, you know, like a shy bladder?...

I THINK I have so much to say that I need to have a blog... but then when it comes down to actually writing, the pressure of wondering if I even have something worthwhile to say becomes too much... so then I cannot manage to eek out a single word in 30 days time?!
(this was SUPPOSED to be a FUN activity!)

Shy blogger...yep, I think I will use that excuse...this time!   ;)

here is some random stuff no one other than me will likely care to know, since I obviously have had nothing important to say for a month:

* We still have no sink in the kitchen (going on 4 months)

* Jeff has been working his cute little behind off on the kitchen remodel for...almost 4 months!

*in one month from today, I will once again have that incredibly adorable grandson of mine in my aching-for-him arms again! And in FLORIDA to boot!

*I am officially SICK of rain and cold weather. I don't care if it IS the PNW! Mother Nature needs to get her shit together!

*I am convinced that being around other people's children is about THE germiest place known to man.
Even worse than my bf's side of the bathroom vanity.

* I am capable of eating 10 boxes of Tag-A-Longs Girl Scout cookies in less than 8 weeks time.
(and I could eat more if I had 'em!)

*Against my better judgement, I have become addicted to "Battlestar Galactica" (second incarnation)

*Our middle childdog Dottie becomes more human everyday. And if she WAS a human,and my bf had met her first, I would not be here writing this today. (Mrs. Dottie Richardson). Seriously.

*The more time I have to do things, the less I get done.
No wonder I never got math, or quantum physics.

*This song lyric has been stuck in my head for days:
"People are people, so why should it be, you and I should get along so awfully"...
(and I don't even particularly like Depeche Mode)

*Glitter makes everything better! (or at least more sparkly! and sparkly is ALWAYS better!)

and here is a photo I took a few weeks ago of our forsythia bush...

Despite being a shy blogger, it is cause to be a very...

Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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