Thursday, April 21, 2011

love 'n stuff lately...

~whispering secrets to my sweet old Maxie boy~

with my exhibit in the Everett ArtWalk
at BDS /3231 Creatives

Jeff having too much fun ripping up our old ugly kitchen flooring!

the girls barking their fool heads off at...

this poor, pretty (and probably now deaf!) bumble bee!

us goofing around trying to get a good picture
before we go out to celebrate our 7th anniversary!

Smile of the day!
Passed by this house while out running errands...just had to ask Jeff to turn back around to get a picture of it! (and of course, he did!)

Hope you've enjoyed seeing just a few of the things that have recently helped to make a very...

Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. I LOVE the pic of you and Max! How adorable.

  2. Hi, following you from Bloggy Moms!