Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Haz A BLOG?!


A fact that I SWEAR I did NOT forget, though my approximately 10 week absence may indicate otherwise...

Here are a few excuses just because I feel obligated to have some to alleviate my guilt:

*2 days as a tourist in Atlanta, GA
*eating like a pig while in Atlanta
*4 days as a tourist in Macon, GA
*excitement of our daughters college graduation
*worrying about our 3 dogbabies while away from home
(nothing personal, S. who gave great care to them in our absence!)
*7 days in Sarasota, FL enjoying the company of my mom, daughter & grandbabyson
* the beach
*thrift shopping
*being sad when daughter & grandbabyson went back home to St. Louis
*hanging with my mom for another 10 days in Florida
*watching movies
*preferring to do pretty much anything else other than be inside on my laptop when I am less than 4 miles from the beach
*surviving a harrowing flight home to Seattle
*missing the beach
*catching up with the pile of swaps I received while gone
*catching up with creating swaps which are due to be mailed
*cheering Jeff on as he continues completes the almost 7 month long kitchen remodel
*enjoying our beautiful new kitchen
*making plans for the next daunting home remodeling project to begin
*preparing for Punk Rock Flea Market
*vending at Punk Rock Flea Market
*recovering form Punk Rock Flea Market
*having a blast at the annual Georgetown Carnival
*seeing all the pretties at the Everett Sorticulture fair
*relaxing by the pond on the new made from recycled plastic milk jug 5 foot long glider chair we bought at the above event
*being suprised with a lovely day on a whale watching cruise from/with Jeff
*exploring Anacortes, WA
*Fremont Summer Solstice nakey bike & other parade & festivities
*stressing with/supporting Jeff during his month long, 4 interview process with WebMD
*bumming out with him when he did not get the job...
*confusedly celebrating with him when they changed their mind and offered him the job...
*marvelling at the annual extreme low tide (-3.6!) exploration of Edmonds Beach
*swooning over Captain Jack at Cinnebar (for free-thanks Nell!)
*being both amazed and depressed by the hundreds of incredible artists at the annual Edmonds Art Festival
*enjoying a wonderful "we got a job" dinner al fresco at Girardi's
*watching practically nightly questionably entertaining movies we get from the library
*and some better ones from Redbox which we are way behind on watching
*treating Jeff like the King he is with lots of fun Fathers Day special activities
*fulfilling a desire to attempt to learn bellydancing with weekly lessons
*being the bookworms we are & hanging out at the library
*drooling over 900+ classic cars at the annual Greenwood Car Show
*fighting with the Jurassic-era ferns and worse-than-kudzu blackberry bushes taking over our yard
*getting accustomed to Jeff temporarily working from home
*hanging an exhibit of my photographs at Sound Holistic Health in downtown Everett
*bemoaning our sketchy Internet connection
*spending 3 hours at Costco catching up with printing photos from the past 4 months
*making plans for playing tour guide when my mom comes for a week-long visit in Sept.
*making plans/flight/car reservations for my 20 day trip to St. Louis in late Sept/early Oct.

Ok, that's all I can come up with off the top of my I hope you can find one or two which seem valid enough reason to you for my lack of blogging.

And by the suitcases are empty, but still sitting out in our bedroom, 28 days after my return home.
(Jeff is supposed to be organizing them with our others...which are stored in a precise and precarious way on a high rack in our closet...
but as you can see, he has been pretty busy, not to mention covered in stain, grout, plaster and emails lately)

Talk to you again *soon!

*hopefully before another 10 weeks goes by...heehee!

but remember, it IS almost summertime here in the PNW...which means being outside (ie: not inside on my laptop) will be crucial in creating a very

Happy Me-LaurieZ!

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