Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

hi faithful friends and followers...

Once again I have been a lazy bum  so busy happily enjoying the summer sunshine and becoming immersed in some new online and art ventures, so this little 'ol bloggy-doo of mine has taken a back seat...well, actually, been left far far behind, for the past month or so. No beating-myself-up over this fact this time. It is what it is and I accept that I am currently lacking whatever it is I need to be writing posts more often. I unexpectedly struggled mightily with the high expectation I put on myself from the start to write every day (HA! The only thing I write every day these days is a grocery list and Facebook status!) and I am hereby entering the "It's Good Enough" phase...basically meaning: if I write a blog post every hour of every day, or every other day, or every 7 weeks or every 4 months or annually....or never again...that is Good Enough for me. (breathe....breathe....breathe....)

But I have been thinking about giving a new "format" a try on here, not only to assist me in writing more frequently, but, as many of you may know about me, I can be a (too) structured, list making, planner this seems just the thing to align my desire to blog with my "gotta do it a certain way" in addition to just writing whatever nonsense ppops up in my head or whatever I feel called to share, I am going to do daily "themes" and see how that goes!
Now, it is reeeeaaaalllllly going against my "certain way" side to start anything new and different on a day other than a Monday (hey, we all have our little quirks!) but that is part of the "It's good enough" experiement, right? Whooooo-go CrAaaaaAzY grrrlll, I know!)
So, without further adieu (ie: ramblings), I give you:


1. my garage art studio
lots of room for all my artsy supplies, internet connection for Pandora music, videos, podcasts, surfing, etc.,
sunshine, greeness, bridies just outside the open garage door, incense lit, doggies barking, privacy,
space to create and make pretty messes

2. The past 15 days spent in the amazing light
of my best soul sister friend, Kelly
sharing everything best friends miss every day when they live 2,000 miles apart.
i love and miss you so very much.

3. Putymayo Music Company & Pandora internet "station"
 awesome ways to travel this big wide world though its incredible musical diversity, playing about 20/7 in this home!

4. Fresh flowers from our yard
today it was time to say goodbye to a sweet simple boquet of daisies from our side yard.
 i thanked them for sharing their beauty with us as i tossed them over the deck into the woods
to become part of Mother earth once again 

5. The Goddess Circle
go here:

So...five seems like a nice "certain way" number of things for this list! And, although I could go on & on & on about things that keep popping up in my head that I am infinitely thankful for...there is always NEXT Thursday to share them with you! (that sounded like a committment/expectation, now, didn't it?! We. Shall. See.!) Until tomorrow (just now officially dubbed "Fun(ny) Friday"!)...

Be Good. Do Good. (good ENOUGH, that is!)

Happy Me-LaurieZ

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