Saturday, August 27, 2011

(bump!) SCORE Saturday!

Yeah, well, I tried.
So we are *bumping* the first installment of Fun/ny Friday (because I was too busy yesterday having fun exploring in Pt. Townsend all day & into the evening!) and posting today, which is hereby deemed Score Saturday!

"Score" as in "wooo-hooo! Check out this cool "whatever" that I scored at the thrift store/garage sale, flea market, rummage sale/recycling center etc. for a super cheap price!"
Now, as most of you know, I readily admit to being a "score" junkie, and it literally pains me to pass up one of the aforementioned treasure hunting places, but being without my own mode of transportation, my ability to the frequency of "scoring" that would make me deleriously happy is limited.
No, mass transit does not quite cut it for scoring sprees...I tried once and had such a load from just one stop that I was suprrised that no one tried to offer me a sandwich or business card for a shelter!
So some of the scores I share on here may be from the (recent) past.

Thrifting is in my blood-I remember my daddy taking me to flea markets, gun shows(!), antique stores, reproduction warehouses, and even abandonded houses we'd happen upon, searching for a "score".  Plus he had his own "collection of interesting and odd items" business for years and years, and was quite the whiz with words, making the sales tag descriptions of the items a work of art in themselves and convincing browsers that they could not LIVE without some particular something they had never before seen much less thought about needing!

Some of what I "score" are practical items, which I just refuse to pay ridiculous retail prices for in "regular" stores. If we are ever in "need" of something, I always want to try to "score"
 it first. I mean really, almost everyone you and I  know has more than enough/too much stuff...myself included.
(Check this out for a really shameful breakdown:
The Story Of Stuff)

And I pretty much do not have an aversion to buying most anything "pre-owned". Just ask my kids to regal you with the "crotchless panties" score wait, on second thought, please DON'T! And forget you ever read those last two lines...   ;)

But of course, much of my scores are really not "needs" but "wants", which is really what most shopping of any kind is if you think about it! We "need" very little, but to me, if a pretty purse is only $1.29 then it suddenly becomes a "need" as WELL as a "want"! (as in I suddenly NEED an orange polka dot purse to go with my...oh wait, now I NEED something orange to wear to go with my orange polka dot purse!) Yes, I am a master at validating "scores"! AND giving myself a little gold star for recycling/repurposing/reusing, right? RIGHT! I just really enjoy the hunt, truthfully.
I know some people get that thrill from buying the high ticket or latest version toys, clothes, furniture, cars, gadgets, tech toys, housewares, etc., but not me. For me, it's all about the uniqueness, originality, odd-ball-ness, coolness, cuteness, fun-ness of something that caught my eye AND carries a prices tag of coins, not dollars!

Most of the scores I'll show on here will be preloved items, but ocassionally I will share some outrageously awesome retail find, which rate as a "score" even though it is "new", because of its super low price.

So here are a few of my recent "scores":

Super sweet 50's style summer frock-the colors are amazing(even though this pic does not do it justice!) and it even has a layer of crinolin underneath! Found it at the Womens Recource Center thrift store in Everett. Almost didn't get it because it was $5.99, a bit out of the "score" price range for me. But I loved it sooooo much and realized that I was meant to have it when I took it to the counter to pay and found that it had a half-off tag...making it, yep, THREE bucks!

Books, one of my greatest loves (and downfalls...not enough time in my LIFE, much less a day, to read everything I have collected!) We are library geeks, and spend hours there weekly. One reason why is the fabulous used books area at the Lynnwood library. Hardbacks are fifty cents, paperbacks a quarter and magazines & kids books a dime. They often have VHS tapes (yes, we still have hundreds!), CD's, vinyl LP's, cassettes, & sheet music. A big foriegn section too. Heaven. Some of these shown are for using in my art creations, gifts, and personal use. Things I find there weekly are among my best SCORES ever!

Hi! My name is Laurie and I'm a purseaholic!
Last count, 47...
Jeff says "one in, one out".
(same about shoes)
But he never counts or double checks.
(so this is our little secret, ok?)
This kinda heavy wooden bead beauty is from Roxy.
(not to be a label dropper but I actually recognize that label and it bodes well for the story)
Goodwill knows their stuff (dammit!)
It was priced at $14.99.
(who knows what the original retail price was!)
But I was there on the $1.29 color tag Monday.
It was red tag sale day.
And this baby had a red tag.
Which is why it is #48 in my addiction...I mean, collection!

yep, I'm a mugaholic too.
But at least I now finally have some justification for the 25+ mugs I own, because I actually drink coffee every morning since moving to Seattle three years ago!
And I get genuinely pouty if Jeff dares sever it to me in a plain old part-of-our-matching-dinnerwear-set mug. (as if him MAKING IT & SERVING it to me is not more than enough!)
This lovely  Allegory of Spring Cafe Arts mug elevates the beautyof a morning latte to new heights, and was a mere 49 cents at Goodwill.

No, I don't have a grandaughter (yet!)
And no, although I would like to shed a few pounds,
 I do not aspire to fit into this toddler size 4 swimsuit.
But yes, I DO adore Hello Kitty, AND I collect cool things to sell at various second-hand markets throughout the year.
This sweet suit was found at the Edmonds Senior Center Thrift shop (which holds the distinction of being about 25 yards from the beach, which makes it a double awesome place to frequent!), and was mine for only 99 cents!
It will soon be gracing some tiny beach bum,
(probably at a profit of about $3 for me!)

So there is my first installment of SCORE SATURDAY!
Hope you've enjoyed seeing a few rewards of my latest treasure hunting!

Just one small thing that keeps...
Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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