Wednesday, November 2, 2011

AEDM Day 2!

I got super inspired by something I read this morning in the 30 Days of Goddess e-course I am currently participating in, and decided that this lovely little creative project would be my art for today!

The idea is from Pamela Belding.

And I so adore what she says about making... A MAGIC WAND!

"Letting your light shine is your gift to the world.
Your magic wand is simply a physical representation of it,
a reminder of your power to make a difference.
I make magic wands because I believe
faith in yourself is the strongest magic there is."
(ooooh...shivers of delight and Goddess goosebumps!)

I had no problem finding several sticks which were parts of branches of about 5 trees that were knocked down in our side woods by a recent windstorm, which Jeff & I just worked on cutting & clearing from our yard last weekend...

The stick I chose to become my first magic wand has a slight curve in the end,
and is such a perfect fit in my hand, like it was just made to be a magic wand in its reincarnation!
There is even a small, naturally comfy place for my thumb to press against as I hold it-amazing!

I picked three of my very favorite fun, whimsical, feminine colors to paint on it:
pink because it is just such a happy, fairy-like, girly color!
aqua because it reminds me of my beloved ocean and tropical things!
purple because it is the color of power, royalty and, to me, magic...
(plus matching glitter paint, of course, because glitter makes all things magical!)

I dug through my many boxes, bins & bowls of assorted "stuff" to decorate it with
(and in the process, discovered a hand full of trinkets I already know that I want to use in creating my next wand...and the next, and next...!)
And the perfect adornments appeared to assist my wand in its conjuring...

Then I found just the right fibers to hang from it too, in luxurious materials and matching colors...

I listened to Enya as I worked (played!) in transforming the stick (already a magical artwork of nature, if you ask me!) into my magic wand...

And so, without further adieu, here is my very own, hand, heart, imagination (and Mother Nature)
created magic wand...

(You may notice in the photo that I left the end of the wand where my hand holds it unpainted...i liked the idea of being better connected, skin to bark, to the magic of nature without a layer of paint between the energy)

and a closer look at the adornments...

Now...what kind of wonderfulness should I conjure up first...?!
(did i mention that i can see myself creating a whole forest full of these?!)

Making this today magically created a very:
Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. Hi Laurie Z! Such an inspiring post! Your enthusiasm makes me want to create one of those myself! I love how it does not require any painting or drawing skills but instead lots of playing and connecting with nature and your own intuition! You must have felt some childhood joy creating this one!

    And oh, as I am a writer, I not only look at the pictures but also feel the words and I must say I was struck by the phrase "skin to bark". So beautiful!! It evokes a very specific feeling and atmosphere. Would you mind if in the future it winds up being a title of a blog post of mine? :-) I'll be referring to you!

    So great to have met you through AEDM, see you around!


  2. thank you so very much for all your kind & supportive words, Nele! It was such a joy to create this with such positive & playful intentions! Of course you can "quote me", I am *flattered* that you were struck by my words! I just felt it was important to do that for some reason!

    Bih hugs!