Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So...as if I don't already have tons 'o fun stuff going on to keep me busy
(and happy!), I came across an invitation to join the Art Every Day Month challenge, at:

So, thinking that I could use a little creative inspiration push shove, I signed up, and today is the first day of the challenge to create art in some way every day through the month of November.

To me, art can be as "simple" as making a delicious meal, snapping a pretty picture, writing a thoughtful letter, making a unique fashion statement, or gathering a fresh boquet of flowers from your yard...OR as "elaborate" as painting a mural, knitting a scarf, sketching in nature, puting on a play or writing a blog! (well, not THIS blog, but you get what I mean!) ;)
I believe that the possibilities which define art are vast and limited only by imagination!

For this first day of the challenge, I completed a mixed media piece which I had gathered the materials for some months ago, and then left it to collect dust on my art desk since then...!
The photo I used in this piece is one of my favorite images of the relatively few of people that I have ever taken...
if you've ever seen much of my work, you know that I rarely take photographs of people...unless it is from far away/unobstrusive/rather "sneakily"....other than of my 2 yr. old grandson, of course, whom I cannot get close enough to or enough pictures of! (or my dogs, who are also are just so naturally cute and goofy!)
But generally speaking, I just don't do people. Just one of my artistic weirdnesses I suppose...living things just have too much going on for me to feel like I can even attempt to capture who they are.
So due to the fact that this image really speaks to me, with it's feelings of exhuberance, energy, light, motion and joy, likely because those are almost always the feelings I have when I am near the ocean, as this little girl was,
I felt a need to honor it by using it in a special way...

I'm not yet completely convinced that I "love" it, or that it turned out exactly as I had envisioned...but I AM pretty pleased that I actually/finally completed it AND that I managed to be successful with day one of the AEDM challenge! (only 29 more to go!)

And all of that makes for one

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