Monday, November 14, 2011


This is sort of a twp-part post today...
So first, I'm just gonna get this out of the way.

I'm having a really sad day.
As you may know, my son Trevor was here visiting me (and seeing Seattle for the first time),
for the past 10 days...
(hence my inability to keep up with the Art Every Day Month challenge!).
I so enjoyed his company and getting to know my 23 year old "baby boy" even better.
It was so wonderful to fall asleep & wake up knowing he was once again slumbering safely under the same roof as me.
It's been too long since that has happened.
(over 4 years).
And I had not even SEEN him since last January.
(WAY too long!)
I love and miss him every single day, probably more than he will ever know.
And now he is gone again...he left early this morning to fly back home to St. Louis.
After arriving, he called me as I requested of him.
To my silly question of "so you got home ok then?" he replied, in typical Trevor fashion:
"No Mother, the plane crashed and I am calling you from the tree I landed in"...!
I laughed at his smart-ass-ness (and my dumbness), as I-miss-him-already tears rolled down my cheeks.
Right now, I'm listening to a "dubstep" music station on Pandora.
Just one of the many interesting & cool things I learned from him while we were together.
Did I mention that he is an amazing artist?
He always has been.
But he doesn't really like me to talk/ask too much about it...
Although I do feel like he shared more than he ever has and I discovered more about what he does/likes.
So now I have been alone all day long for the first time in 10 days.
Lots of time to get back to creating.
But I just don't feel up to it today.
Maybe tomorrow.

So...part two:
Another sorta-cheating attempt to catch up with the past few days of AEDM I have missed...
Here is one of the small pieces I created at my very first attempt at Encaustic Mixed Media creating, at a 2 day, 10 hour workshop I took over the weekend.
(which I booked before I knew Trev would be here!).

I ab so lutley LOVED finally getting a chance to work in this medium.
I had bought all the supplies I needed to start a few months ago...
then just kept looking at them in a panic since then, at the thought of even trying it, when, even though I had read tons of books & online info and watched tutorial videos, I feared I'd fail completely or get stuck or it would be too hard or...well, just pick one of a million of those kind of reasons maybe you also come up with to NOT try something...(FYI: they all fall under the "fear of failure" category, for me at leas!t)
So when I found out about this workshop, I signed up immediately... ignoring my ability to come up with yet another fear: to be creating in close proximity to "strangers" / other artists participating, who possibly/likely possesed far more experience/talent than me!).
(Plus I am a very private "creator"...hmmm, sounds like someone else I know!)
Shockingly, once the class began, I did not feel a single moment of the anxiety and self-conciousness I  had feared.
It turned out that we had such an amazing teacher, and we were all so excitedly into the Zen of learning, sharing, experimenting and creating, that it never ever even crossed my mind to be "nervous" about what I was doing (in FRONT of other ARTISTS even!)
I just jumped in, soaked it all up, let it all out, and wow.
I think I feel an artistic addiction coming on...!
I made a total of 16 (small) pieces during the workshop...
Here are a few more...(not great representations of the intense colors & details, sorry!)

Thanks for "listening" to me today.

I'm missing the presence of my son...
But hopefully tomorrow, I will feel a bit more like my usual:

Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. Love the encaustic art!! I'm sorry you're missing your son, but it sounds like it was a great visit!

  2. Love the en caustic mixed media and I really am thinking I have to try this... hate that you are missing your son... that must be awful... I don't know how I will cope when the time comes... I am thinking chocolate may play a larger role in my life at that point xx

  3. thanks Leah & Tracey! Your sweet words made me smile! Oh yes, you MUST try encaustic-it is SOOOOmuch fun with ENDLESS possibilities!Bih happy hugs to you both! :)