Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AEDM Day 15!

I am feeling not as sad today, after saying goodbye (until who knows when) to my son, who left yesterday after a 10 day visit. 
 Skyping with his sister & my grandson made me happy...and I also kept busy getting about 25
matted & framed prints ready to hang bright & early tomorrow morning at the Edward Jones office in Edmonds, for Thursday evenings Art Walk. (more about that on Thursday!)

I also worked on embellishing some gloves, head warmer bands and hats with buttons & pretty little crocheted yarn flowers (which my very talented and generous mom made for me!).

 (Jeff was amazed that I could "sew"...! I assured him that several stitches to attach these did not really count as actual SEWING...to ME at least! I know even HE can do this much, because we once hemmed curtain valances together!)

I am going to be a vendor for the first time at the Century Ballroom Flea Market in Capitol Hill this coning Saturday, so I wanted to have a few of these done to take along.

I got the gloves and head bands on super duper clearance at the end of winter season last year
(I think they were like 50 cents each).
The dark green hat my mom also made (not really my color though, sorry mom!),
and the multi-colored green one I bought at a senior center craft bazaar a few weeks ago for $2!
(but it's a bit too small for my head!)

 So I am hoping that some shoppers on Saturday will think these would make great little holiday gifts!
(it's sure getting plenty cold enough out there to need some extra warmth AND I heard a rumor of the possibility of SNOW within the next few days!)

These were fun to make & I can see myself embellishing lots more things with these pretty little flowers!

Can't help but realize in hindsight, how much I wish I would have taken my mom up on her multiple offers to teach me to crochet...!

But having a mom who is so talented & creative and shares anything & everything she makes,
makes her daughter a very:

Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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