Monday, November 21, 2011

AEDM Day 21 (catching up!)

Well, other than a photography exhibit  of about 25 images that I had at an Edward Jones office as part of the Edmonds Art Walk Thurs. night...

...the past few days were a great big snow covered, jammie wearin', movie watchin', chili eatin', birthday celebratin' blur, during which the most creative things I managed to do were to make alot of food and a silly birthday cake for my love...

...and take this gorgeous photo of our snow dusted yard!

BUT at "the last minute" (for me at least!), I suddenly realized that I had not yet purchased Thanksgiving cards for the several special people we always send to, and they really needed to get out in the mail TODAY (Fri.) I decided to make my own this year, using photographs I took of the always beautiful fall displays Mother Nature graces us with here in the Pacific Northwest!

I already have lots 'n lots of my photos made into cards which I have on hand to sell at local arts & craft fairs and the like, so I just picked some of my fall themed faves, prettied them up a bit with glitter paint and printed out two lovely and appropriate quotes to add to them.

I think they turned out quite pretty, and honestly, don't know why I even ever BUY cards at all since I have about a million and one of my own photo cards with a huge range of scenes & themes, so I SHOULD be making every card I send out!  Much more creative, personal and heartfelt, I that is a goal I will work on in the future...(after I use up the giant pile of store bought cards I already have! lol!) Yep, I am somewhat of a card freak, and still love sending the "real thing" over electronic ones!

And btw-the chili I made was AMAZING! I sort of "Laurie-fied" a recipe I saw online last week, and I must admit, it was so yummy that I expect it to become a staple of fall/winter eating in our house now!

Here is a not-too-precise guidline if you want to try it too:

1 large sweet potato, peeled & cut into cubes
1 can white corn
2 cans black beans
1 can diced tomatoes (i used some spicey ones from Trader Joes)
1 cup water or vegetable broth
& whatever quantities of various spices that suit your taste...i used cayenne pepper, garlic powder, white pepper & chili powder

I threw it all in a crock pot which simmered on high for about 5 hours & then on low for about another 3 hours...

MMMMM, did our house smell YUMMY!
The mixture of sweet & spicey flavors were so good together! I also served cornbread crackers with goat cheese along with it.

So there you have my attempt to catch up a bit on the past 6 days of creating!
I already have a few special Thanksgiving artsy projects in mind to work on over the next day or so , so maybe I can keep up better with this last week or so of AEDM!

As I said in my first post starting this month long creative adventure, to me, creativity comes  in so many various forms, and i strive to do some method of creating at least once a day, no matter how "large' or "small", because doing so assures a very:
Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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