Wednesday, December 14, 2011

doin' nothin' & makin' stuff.

i keep thinking that, so far, today i have done nothing of "worth"
well, there IS a load of laundry in the dryer...
been there since about 9 :15 am.
pretty sure the stuff is dry by now.
pretty sure i will have to re-wash/re-dry due to wrinkles.

like i said...
today i did nothing of "worth".
my numb rear end can attest to that.
and my blog reading blurry eyes.

i did get pretty caught up with all the fun stuff that i really like to
discover & follow online though.
(and also finished the yumminess that is 30 days of Goddess...hi Leonie!)

and i now have about 100 pages of goodness/Goddess advice to read
and there are visions of artsy craftsy "sugarplums" dancing in my head ...
(ie: i found about 437 new projects/ideas i want to try to create)
not today.

after this world changing post (yes, that is a ha-ha!),
i am going to give my tired-of-sitting-on-a-barstool butt a rest...
and move it to a much comfier chair...!
to start catching up with two daily entry,
month long projects i am involved with:

30 days of Soul Medicine   (hi Sara!)
Loving 2011    (hi Lori-Lynn!)

they are both scrumptious and enlightening.
(the projects & their creators!)

i was working on them every evening when we went to bed,
before reading a few pages of the latest book i am into,
before that knocked me out into sandman land like it always does!
my last work on both was on day 8.
yep, this is day 13.
i am obviously a bit behind.
(my excuse? my guy has been reading me "A Christmas Carol" at bedtime...
well, one night so far...!)

so anyway, after finishing this post, i am sitting down to catch up
with both of those.
so hmmmm...i  guess i actually DID and WILL be getting something of "worth" done today...
'cause I am WORTH it!

and oh yeah,
YESTERDAY i made some stuff... this, for our birdies:

and these, for some special friends:

so...that is me for the past few days.

(and have i mentioned how very much i am contenedly settling into these long, quiet, calm winter solstice days & evenings? snuggle-rific!)

as always, i am blessed to live a life that keeps me a quite:

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