Thursday, January 19, 2012

52 Photos Project-Week 3

Bella's prompt for this weeks 52 Photos Project is
"Color With Emotion"

The predominent color around here for the past few days has been...
well, basically
 the absence of color!
Achromatic, milky, blanco, white... 
As in
6 inches (and counting!)

I did manage to find a beautiful bright rainbow of colors
among the piles of powder,
in our prayer flag.

It hangs on our back picket fence,
near our pond, glider and Princess Masami's grave,
under the dogwood tree.

I had wanted a prayer flag for a long, long time.

So now, seeing our very own banner of colorful squares,
filled with hopes, commitments and intentions,
hanging in a place which is special to us,
stirs my emotions...
(in a good way!)

Just one more small thing that makes for...
Happy Me-Laurie Z


  1. Beautiful post, Laurie - I love the photo, and you're right - it's absolutely the small things that make for us being happy :-)

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Everything! Your beautiful fence with colorful prayer flags-full of hopes, good intentions, and commitments, is just gorgeous!! Seriously LOVE!

  3. Fantastic photo!! *huggles* =0)

  4. I love the play of lines and color here. The snow has been gorgeous but I must confess I'm ready for it to MELT ALREADY :)

  5. beautiful photograph and your prayer flags are great!