Monday, January 23, 2012

My "Go To" Spot

I am a bit "ahead" of my usual blogging schedule (ha, bet ya didn't even know I HAD!), mainly because my reality of this week will be only 3 days long, as we are heading to magical Maui early Thursday morning,
so I will then be on "island time" for the next 14 days! (ie: no schedule whatsoever, blogging or otherwise!)

So today I am sharing my photographs for the prompt
for week 40 of the 52 Photos Project:
"Where is your go to spot to renew your spirit?"

This was a bit difficult for me, only because there are several places that I turn to for inspiration, relaxation, rejuvination, connection with my
inner voice and renewal of my spirit, including...
the beautiful nearby beaches, the shelter of my mans loving embrace, 
the solitude of my bed to slumber, the sanctuary of my garage art studio,
the warm soft blanket of unconditional love via my 3 doggies,
the soothing world of my favorite calming music, & within the encouragment and inspiration of the many online circles, blogs,
and share sites I am part of...

but I decided to share images of the one special spot that I turn to most often, usually at least a few times a week...

the comfy coziness of an oversized chair
which sits in the bay window
of our bistro,
our beautiful yard,
with its abundance of flora and fauna,
an ever-changing waterfall garden pond,
and the majestic trees of the woods surrounding our house...

last fall

last week


The blessing of just being able to look out my window to help renew my spirit when I feel the need, is just one of the many reasons I am:

Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. I am so envious of your trekking to Maui! Ugh. Its on my To Do list. That spot you're photographing looks heavenly. I love all the changes. :)

    1. Hi Hibiscus Moon-Yes, I am kind of a homebody, because it is so peaceful & private, like living our own little park! Hope you get to Maui soon-it is beautiful too, but I am quite happy living right here! Thanks for reading & commenting!

  2. Love Maui - my favorite vacation spot. But it looks like you have a fabulous place right at home - look at those wonderful trees.

    1. Thanks Deb, yes, it is our own little piece of paradise...not tropical but still so beautiful! Thanks for reading & commenting!

  3. gorgeous pics! love them! so awesome to have such beauty right out your window :)

    1. Thanks Veda Sun! We ARE so blessed, and believe me when I say there is not a moment I am not grateful to be living in surrounded by such natural beauty! Thanks for reading & commenting!

  4. Wonderful photos of your 'sanctuary' place ~ Enjoy Hawaii ~ it is wonderful! ~ namaste, carol (A CreativeHarbor) linked w/52 Photos

  5. I love these photos and the story they tell! Beautifully done!


  6. Nature is definitely my go to place to renew.
    Beautiful photos!