Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Feb. Full Snow Moon Dreamboard

Yes, as I might have mentioned in my post on Monday, I am a bit ahead of myself on a few things right now, the "blame" of which lies in our upcoming two week vacation to Maui ("upcoming" as in 12 hours and 45 minutes until our flight takes off!). I am trying to catch up/keep up/get ahead with some of my online creative participations, as I am not picturing myself doing much art or being online while there, assuming instead that any art I create will be capturing beautiful images (with my brand new birthday Nikon Cool Pix camera!)  and any "surfing" will be done in the beautiful blue of the Pacific Ocean!
So that is why I am sharing my Feb. Full Snow Moon Dreamboard (from the lovely Jamie Ridler) today, which is actually 12 days early for the Feb. 7th full moon.

For this months full moon, Jamie poses the question:
"What desires lie buried deep within?"

I admit that I created this dreamboard rather quickly,
using just two magazines to flip through for images that caught my eye when thinking about this question.

I am trying not to overthink the prompts and just see
what I am drawn to as I browse images, and being ok if I feel the need to tear one out even if I am not completely clear on it's meaning
or purpose, trusting that my heart and soul know,
and perhaps someday my concious mind will as well.

I also seem to find images I am drawn to which reawaken,
confirm or validate desires I have,
 many of which have gone
unspoken and/or acknowledged.

This is, I suspect, the desired work of a dreamboard...

Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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  1. These are just gorgeous, Laurie - thank you so much for sharing! Hope you have a wonderful trip... how exciting. xoxo