Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Magic!

Today I joined another online photo group, 52 Photos Project, which posts weekly prompts for taking photos and sharing them on the website and/or the group's flickr page.
Although I obviously already take a bajillion photos on my own, on any given day, I enjoy the "challenge" of a prompt or assignment, and also think that it helps me to see things differently and with more creative eyes to have a specific subject or way to shoot.

I am a week behind in this project,
so here is my image for the week 2 prompt:
"Get In Really Close".

I have lately begun to be enthralled by macro photography, especially when it renders the subject matter difficult to decipher or beautifully abstract, which is quite often the case.

Our lovely waterfall garden pond seems to be an endless source of creative inspiration for me, and this morning, with temperatures around 20 degrees, allowed Mother Nature (or is that Father Frost?!) to work some magic on the surface of the pond. The patterns in the thin icy art is just incredible!

Magical, isn't it?
I believe that magic is everywhere,
if you open your eyes and heart to seeing it!

Have a magical Friday the 13th!

Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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