Monday, January 9, 2012

Post-Birthday Post!

Happy day-after-my 52nd birthday, everyone!  ;)

Yesterday, I enjoyed a birthday celebration of
                 simple everyday activities shared with my guy!               
 (whom I have not seen much of lately due to his current intense work obligations!) 

I woke to find this lovely vase of flowers (and sweet card)
 waiting for me on the kitchen island
i love the colors!

During the morning, I spent time talking to my kids & mom
(who all made me feel very loved with happy birthday phone calls!),
opened a few sweet little gifts I had received (thank you mom & Koryn!),
 and enjoyed a yummy latte & cinnamon chip scone
while Jeff read us the latest
                                    I Saw U's.                                                                

We then had some errands to run, which included...
*browsing at the library (and bringing home a big stack of cool books, as always!),
*picking up our pretty "new" $12.99 couch (Goodwill ROCKS!),
*spoiling me by saying "get it, baby!" to (almost!) everything I drooled over at Michaels,
*yumming up a delish dinner at Mod Pizza!

Then we spent the rest of the evening taking down our beautiful Solstice Tree (while listening to Michael Buble's Christmas CD
one last time until next holiday season!),
and afterwards, I disappeared for 2 hours
to indulge in the return of my two tv vices:
"Once Upon a Time" & "Desperate Housewives"!           

My special day ended with us snuggled-up-in-bed-together, eating pretzels, and a (surprise!) reading of this classic bedtime story!

And later this week, I am devoting some "quality time" to getting to know 
this brand new beautiful bright red camera Jeff got me!
ooooh, pretty, right?!  :)

All in all, it was another wonderful day spent celebrating the simple things that make me feel like a very lucky and
 Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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