Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Full Moon Dreamboard

I have been "lurking" around this creative online group activity of creating and working with Full Moon Dreamboards at the Jamie Ridler Studio website for a few months.
It looked so intriguing and right up my alley of being addicted to cutting pretty/interesting images out of magazines! I have made dreamboards before,years ago,  as well as visual journals and Soul Collage's, all using cut-out images to represent myself, my dreams, hopes, wishes, fears, and things
I want to manifest or just things that appeal to me for some (possibly as yet unknown) reason.
So I decided to begin participating in Jamie's activity with the first full moon of 2012, which just happened to fall on my birthday! I saw differing dates of it falling on both/either Jan. 8 & Jan 9, but either way, I chose to spend a little time outdoors on the evening of the 8th (my birthday), soaking up those shimmering moon beams, and thinking about the question that Jamie posed about this first full moon of Jan. 2012, which is the Full WOLF Moon:
 "What are you HUNGRY for? What are you hungry for under this Full Wolf Moon? The wolf reminds us to connect to our hunger, to notice what desires are calling for our attention. Our dreamboards can help us bring these desires to light and to being! This is an invitation to not just notice our desires but to begin the important work of tending them, stepping into what we can do to honour what we know of our dreams. What a beautiful way to begin the year.”

I had some difficulty coming up with very much that I feel truly "hungry" for-(not sure if that is "good thing" or a "bad thing"!). To me that is such a serious, passionate, fierce word, far more so than just "wanting" or even "dreaming of", which seems much more, I don't know, distant and fantasy-like. But "hungry"? That word speaks of need, nourishment, sustenance, survival. More than just something that would make you happy if it happened.  I am so content, grateful and enamoured of the life I am lucky enough to be living. Nothing really came to mind as being something I feel actually hungry for...

So yesterday, the 9th, I took some time to go through a few magazines and cut out images and words that caught my eye or spoke to me. many of which I had no concrete idea about what it's meaning might be in the context of the answer to the question I was to represent in my dreamboard.

You can see in the first photo of this post above that I chose to make my dreamboards using plain white posterboard folded in half, one for each month, in a large book format.

Here are some photos of my first dreamboard...

collecting images & designing the layout of the board


a way to step out from my "hiding" behind a camera all the time and in turn,
a place/ way/ the courage to begin creating with media that intrigues and excites me

a creative, artistic life designed by me,
encompassing all of the various forms of creating which call to me

the realization that I am the only one able to free myself from my fear of failing
when it comes to new artistic expression,
and the only way to do that is to unbind myself from that fear,

I adore that this first full moon was on my birthday-how magical!
I want to let my creative spirit move me into action
and stop "fretting" about the possibility of
 "messing up" or not being "good enough"

my completed board after painting and adding information
  I was pretty happy with my board, and in the end, after all of my concern about discovering what I am hungry for, not really surprised at the things which manifested as the "answers" to that question. Not so much anything tangible or material, but rather a sense of strength, confdence, courage and letting go of / pushing past & though/ overcoming the fears which surround pretty much any artistic endeavor I attempt, other than my photography, which I feel so connected to and able to do, with results that please me.
I do not feel that way about ANY other artistic medium I am interested in or have tried, and it has thus far kept me from trying them OR if I DO try, I am so fraught with insecurities and negative thought blockage that the result, along with the entire process and experience, is bound to be less than pleasing or enjoyable whatsoever!

So in essence, it appears that
I am hungry for:
*less fear-more freedom
*less self-judgement-more self-expression
*less expectations-more experience

Last night, around 4 am, I was awoken by a bright light shining into our bedroom windows, which face West, into the woods. It was the full moon, high above the 200 feet tall trees, bright enough to read by!
I briefly thought "I want to get up and look out the window", but I was barely awake enough to think that thought, and recall just the feeling of "ah, yes, so beautiful" before drifting back into slumber, hoping it's luminous light would set a spark in my heart to go forth with a clearer sense of how to feed my creative soul and satiate my hunger.

Doing so would definitely make a :
Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. Happy Full Moon birthday to you! What a gorgeous blessing and spectacular start to a new year.

    I loved reading the process of your creation, hearing each insight and hunger as it emerged. May your hungers be satisfied and all of your dreams come true.

    I'm so glad you stepped into the circle. Welcome, welcome!

  2. I too loved reading about your process and your board turned out beautifully. I especially like the image of the goopy paint tubes framed with "Life by You". That says it all.
    Create the life that you want.
    Happy Birthday too!

  3. This is very cool! The full moon was practically coming into my bedroom window that night...it was so powerful! Thanks for sharing!