Monday, February 13, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday (a Monday catch-up!)

As I explained in my post yesterday, I have been rather busy for the past few weeks, getting "Maui'd" and spending 2 weeks in Maui on our pre/ I am a bit behind in some of the themed blog posts I participate in, like Jamie Ridler's "Wishcasting Wednesday", which I will catch up with in todays post!

Feb. 1st prompt:
"What do you wish people knew about you?"
I first found this a bit difficult to answer, as I believe myself to be a pretty open book
to most people who care to "read" (know) me, so I feel that most people
 know most everything there is or that they care to know about me... 
yet, when I really think about it, I realize that I do have some "secret" chapters
which I rarely make known, mostly because they are just not things
 I really WANT the whole world to know,
as most are negative and some are just too private to share.
But this question is asking what I DO want people to know about me,
that assumably, they may not yet know(and that I WANT them to know!)...
so, hmmm...let's see...
I suppose that the thing that I wish people knew about me is 
that I am so very grateful for every amazing, wonderful,
 incredible thing that I have in my life,
and that I absolutely know how very blessed I am
with all of the abundance of love, "fortune", joy, happiness,
 "freedom" and security which fill my days now.
 I have been through many hells during my life, admitedly some of my own making,
 but every day, I am humbled by the many wonderful things I now have
 and will never ever take them for granted
 and honestly wish that everyone could have the experiences
of love and connection and joy that I am so lucky to share
with my husband, my children, my grandson, my mom, & my friends.
I wish everyone knew that I know and so
apprieciate how very lucky I am.

Feb. 9th prompt:
"What do you wish to attract?"
I wish to attract positive energy, grace, compassion and like-minded, inspiring people into my life.
I wish to attract experiences which will teach me, help me grow & learn and make me a better person,
able to positively influence, touch and inspire others and make this world a better place for all. 
I wish to attract, be and share light & love in this world.

Happy Me-Laurie Z

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