Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Smiles!

Happy Saturday everyone!

I kinda love Saturdays. Weekends in general, actually...even though I don't live on the typical 9-5 Monday thru Friday life schedule. But Jeff sort of does now, more or less. So weekends pretty much guarantee that we get to be together. Doing really fun stuff. Like grocery shopping! WHEEEE! Honestly, even grocery shopping with my man is more fun than, well, than not getting to be together! Except when we have to creep up and down every aisle "just in case we forgot that we need something"...which is how he shops...until I start acting like a whiney cranky I NEED A NAP THAT LADY LOOKED AT ME FUNNY BUY ME SOME CANDY RIGHT NOW two-yearold  fifty-two year old. Which happens more often than you would think believe approve of.
So anyhoo, yes, I heart weekends. Like today...we got up around 9:30, read the Saturday (rain soaked) paper, wasted time online, sipped our lattes, read "I Saw You"'s to each other, and just generally lazed about, lamenting the non-stop rain which prevented us once again from participating in the Woodinville Basset Brigade & Bash for like the 108th year in a row. (We SO want to steal an adorable idea we saw once, where the hounds rode on a loveseat with wheels through the parade!)
And then around 1 pm, we finally got around to running a few errands.

Jeff had to go look at/get/research/choose a new car stereo (zzzzzzz..huh-wha?),
but he was sweet enough to drop me off at a nearby thrift store first (smart man!),
where I spent a whopping four dollars and fifty nine cents on the following had-to-haves,
(while he spent about two hundred and fifty nine dollars on HIS "had-to-have"! lol!):

* two books ("Basic Natural Food Recipes" & "The Self-Healing Cookbook"),
* a teeny clear gass salt & pepper shaker set (which will soon be filled with ***glitter*** for an upcoming swap
* a hunk of white tulle & a weird shaped foam brush thingie (i think it is some sort of cleaning tool but I'll be using it in a more artistic fashion!)
*a super cute Hello Kitty shirt! (yes, for ME! It's cute 'cause it's HK but it's not like 4 yr.old "cute", ya know?...Um, yeah, not like that would have stopped me even if it WAS!) 
* and this so obnoxiously ugly it's kinda cute (right! right?!) pillowcase... which I see becoming a "unique" top or tote bag in the future (thanks mom!)

How 1960's is THIS?
Only the zebra is the right color!


Okay, are you smiling yet? "Cause it IS my first Saturday Smiles post! Just in case, here's something else I found today, on another errand (to the library, which we LOVE to "have" to do!)

No really! I swear!
 Didn't ANYONE see Satan poking me with his pitchfork,
making me buy that party sized box of Oreos at Costco?!

Not that amused?

Hmmm, how about this...
(gratuitious adorable dog photo)

NO?! (whatareya anyway, a cat person or something?!)

Okay, this is my last attempt to get a smile out of ya...

the floor of our hall closet
 Yeah, I thought that would do it!
(Although it's not really nice to laugh at anothers "misfortune"...!)

Happy rest-of-your Saturday! (even though you didn't even match one lousy number in the lottery!)

Happy Me-Laurie Z

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  1. *soft smile* - thanks so much for the grin's, Laurie - this was an adorable post :-)