Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Share-It's April!

Dang it! I was so excited to share a really cute photo of me meeting one of my art crushes, the lovely & oh-so-talented Traci Bautista, who was scheduled to do a demo & book signing at the Daniel Smith Art Store in Seattle this afternoon...but while getting ready to post my excited status on Facebook this morning, I noticed on her blog that the event had been rescheduled...for September!!
Well, at least I am glad that I did not get all the way down there only to be disappointed...but we would have probably used it as an excuse to make stops at our two fave downtown culinary indulgences: Serious Pie and Vivaces now I am THREE TIMES as bummed that this days plans got thwarted!

Oh well...I guess I better come up with something else to share with you today...!

**several hours later...** day today was filled with...

* watching this amazing film
*and listening to this
* uploading photos here
*re-watching this cool art technique
*working on art swaps
*requesting votes for my photo here
*listening to a few of these awesome podcasts
* laughing out loud at  this hilarious blog
*squeeing over the cute factor of this
*and taking a few photos...

our beautiful pond

Jeff was so excited to see our Hyacinths starting to come up...
he says they smell  like " Little Kiddles"!
(remember those smelly-good little dolls from the '70's?!)

beavah teefs

Hope you will enjoy some of my "shares" today.
Happy first day of the brand new beautiful month of April!

Happy Me-Laurie Z

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