Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Share (& lots more!)

be forwarned, this is a rather long post...! I have had lots on my mind lately, and this post is an attempt to sort out & set my intetntions to get back on track!

First, in an effort to challenge myself to write a blog post EVERY! SINGLE! DING! DANG! DAY!, which is a crucial part of my just-this-week, self-made "SPRING FORWARD! (and GET YOUR ASS MOVING/CREATING!) campaign, I hereby PUBLICIY DECLARE my new daily blog post themes:

SUNDAY SHARE:  This post will be a brief (I hear you laughing!) overview of anything special I want to share about my past week, as well as my goals-plans-hopes for the upcoming week.
MONDAY MAKE IT: Pretty self-explanatory...musings about either something I made recently, or something I would like to make & will share with you! 
TUESDAY TOOK IT: Sharing my weekly 52 Photos Project creation with you.
THURSDAY THANKFULNESS: Exactly what it sounds like!  
FRIDAY FREE-FOR-ALL: Yep, I again get to ramble about anything & everything!
SATURDAY SMILES: Hope whatever I post will make you :) ! 

...and away we go with todays debut SUNDAY SHARE post.....!

So far, this sunny first Sunday of Spring has found me plopped on my winter-expanded rear end, in front of my laptop! I have been catching upw ith emails, perusing CL for calls-for-art, listing a wedding dress for sale on CL, catchinbg up with watching art videos I got behind on during the past 6 weeks of madness, and all the other assorted black hole-ish time suckers the damn internest hgave to lure you in for 4 hours straight!

The last week I have been, well, rather sluggish, anxious, worried & under the weather (emotionally, mentally & physically). My son Trevors second seizure, hospitilization & epilepsy diagnosis have really been weighing heavy on my heart & mind, and I spent alot of time online researching this elusive, vague condition, which both armed me with useful information as well as increased my fears. After a few days of walking around teary eyed in a terrified fog, I remembered my belief in the power of positive thinking, the laws of attraction & attention to manifesting reality, and the simple supportive act of focusing on love and faith. Along with the realization/acceptance that basically, this is out of my control to, well, control...(tough one for a mom!) My new manifesto is knowledge ispower and all I can really do for my son is pass along what I know, in the hopes that he will act accordingly to create and maintain the best health possible. That is HIS work to do,and no one,m not even his fiercely protective and loving mom, can do that for him.

More fun stuff this past week included:
*An emergency trip to the dentist for a granola caused crown pop-off!
*A lovely date night with my husband (i still get tingles when i call him that!) to Third Place Books where we happily nerded out in two comfy chairs with stacks of books, listening to a local band playing in the background, until suddenly, we realized the lights were flickering, signaling closing time!
*An hour plus long, long overdue phone conversation with a dear sweet friend!
* A trip to our beloved library!
*Cracking up at the first season of "The Big Bang Theory"...yes, we are a bit late at discovering the dorky hilarity of these guys! I swear, in his annoying ways, Jeff is Sheldon, but in his enduring ways, he is Leonard!
And with Spring officially upon us (although Mother Nature seems a bit confused pretty much everywhere!) I decided it was time to get myself back on track doing the things which soothe my soul, expand my mind and bring happiness to my heart! It has been a crazy (crazy good AND crazy not-so-good!)  past few months, and I feel I have left my "real" life/self somewhere back in mid-January!

So I did some spring cleaning out of my overstuffed closet (and reminded my man that Mr.Big would just make his Carrie a BIGGER closet if she needed more room for her designer thrift store treasures!), making room for all of the many "new" cool clothes I accumulated during my 4 weeks in St.Louis! Hey, I get my $3 worth & then recycle those babies for someone else to thrill over!

On Ostara, I decorated our fireplace mantel with pastel prettiness...

whipped up a yummy healthy spring goodie filled pasta sald to enjoy in celebration of all the newly growing good-for-you goodies...

and spent some time outside, attempting to capture the increasing flowering, blooming & unfolding that this past week of mild temps and sunshine we have been gifted with!

and I also happily got back into getting my hands all artsy messy, spending about 3 hours out in my garage studio (with the bay doors open to let in the cool fresh air and golden sunlight!) and starting 3 mixed media canvasses as well as completing one which I began at the recent "Painting in Layers" class I took at the Schack Art center. It felt soooo good to get my mind out of it's rut of worries and uncertainties and just flow with the energy of creativity! Here is a sneak peek at just a small corner of one of my WIP's (which was still wet when I took this pic!)

All in all, I guess you could say that it was a, um..."well rounded" week for me! lol!

This upcoming week I plan to try to jump into my SPRING FORWARD project, which includes not only the daily blog post mentioned above, but also these goals:

*a daily morning yoga and/or tai chi routine (the class I was taking at the Rec Center was just not exactly what I needed, so maybe an at-home habit will work better for me...). I would add a daily walk to this movement goal, but the spring rains, they are a 'comin...!

*meditate daily ( I know how meditation can benefit me, I have access to TONS of guided meditations of all kinds, and am the proud owner of an amazing hand made meditation bench, so why have I not already done this, like YEARS ago?!)

*get back into SUPER HEALTHY EATING more whole/raw foods, morning green wmoothies, less starch & sugar & proccessed foods, etc. (Again, I know how GREAT I feel when I pay attention to what my body thrives on, so it is just plain laziness that gets me off track!)

* A concentrated effort to CREATE MORE! I have a stack of blank canvasses, more supplies than an art school and,obviously, time on my hands...and the "Zen Zone" I enter when I create is so healing, energizing and this should ALWAYS be at the top of my daily TO DO list!

Okay, that is probably quite enough for now...nothing "new", really, just a reaffirmation of some of the goals I have had in mind for quite some time.
"If not now,when?"

Other obligations & activities this upcoming week include:

*a God-knows-how-long trip to Costco to catch up with printing photos from the past 8 months (ohlordgivemestrength and mayineverevergetthatfarbehindagainplease!)

*the getting together and hanging of an exhibit of my photos at UCC Magnolia church

* An "Altered Landscape" class at Schack Art Center

*Complete the organization of a huge-mongous ass box of assorted emphemera (about 8 inches deep!)

*work on creating swaps I am in on Swap-Bot

*catching up with various online videos & podcasts I have saved but not had time to experience

*and for silly, self-indulgent fun- paint my nails some wacky bright spring shades (maybe ten different colors at that!)

Thanks for reading...hope I didn't bore you too much with all of my plan ramblings! :)
Now, wish me luck!

Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. I am SO digging Big Bang Theory too! We have just finished the first season and are rolling on the floor with the second.
    Also that salad looks scrumptious!

  2. I send lots of love and warm hugs your way and wish you lots of strength when learning how to cope with your son's health situation. And I loved your date night. It sounds so great : ).

    Thank you for sharing.

    Love, Karina