Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Make It!

Here on the Pacific coast, there are still 3 hours to go until it is officially tomorrow (Tuesday) even though I am wiritng this post MUCH later than I had planned, I am still writing it on the day I planned to, so that counts for me! And since I only managed to fulfill one and a half of the several new goals I publicly declared on my post yesterday, I am definitely counting it! The other "goal" I halfway met today was spending over 3 hours at Costco, getting over 400 prints and around 30 enlargements ordered, catching me up from Aug - Nov. 2011. Only 5 more months lworth left...(about 12 more discs worth, likely comprising about 6,000 photos to go through).

And the other stuff I had really hoped to start putting into practice today?
Breakfast consisted of a half cup of latte & slice of cinnamon pumpkin nut bread. (fail)
No meditation or yoga.(Double fail)
Nothing created today.(BIG fail)

Oh well, some days are like that. Especially days spent standing on the hard concrete floor of Costco for almost 4 hours...

So my MONDAY MAKE IT blog post is meant to be about either something I created, or something I share with you that I WANT to create. Obviously, for this debut "make it" post, it will be the latter!

I have had  THIS TUTORIAL on my desktop for about 9 months now. I got two rolls of cute duct tape about 5 months ago. So all I need now is the time,motivation & courage to actually TRY to make asuper cute purse/bag out of  DUCT TAPE! (mine won't be solid colored stripes though...I got some pink & blackchecked & tie-dye patterened duct tape!)

So...until I actually find time to try this, I am challenging YOU! Check You Tube for about 50+ video tutorials on making things out of duct tape. And by "things" I do NOT mean wrapping water pipes or repairing bumpers or holding something broken together! Share with me, motivate me, HELP me! :)

I'll post my results as soon as I make this...IF it is not another complete FAIL on my part!

Happy Monday from
Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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