Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday "Took It"!

I have been combining two of the creative online projects I am participating in- the weekly 52 Photos Project prompt and the Wishcasting Wednesday prompt- to comprise my Wednesday blog posts lately, but I realized that even though I cannot share my 52 Projects photo on that site until Wednesday, I CAN post it on MY blog earlier, because the prompt is released on Sunday...! (are ya still with me? If you haven't noticed yet, I tend to write like I talk, all at once and in a rambling, runaway0train-of-thought way!)

ANYWAY, all this means, really, is that I am now going to devote my Tuesday blog posts to the 52 Photos Project and Wednesdays to Wishcasting...so they each get the separate blog attention they deserve!

I am calling this Tuesday photo post TUESDAY TOOK IT
("took" as in took this photo...sounds kinda weird, I know!)

So without further adieu (oooo-la-la, I adore French words!), here it 'tis!

From Bella's 52 Photos Project for week 49:
"What makes you laugh? Gives you the giggles or lol's?
A funny story? A hilarious photo? A video, song, commercial or product?
The uncontrolable belly laughs that might bring on tears because it's so funny?

I love to laugh. Well, who doesn't, really?

I laugh at a lot of things every day:
My husbands (often corny) jokes.
The several sitcoms that we like to follow every week.
Stories my daughter tells me about something silly my 2 and a half year old grandson Ryatt has done or said.
Funny things I see online-mostly things shared by friends on Facebook.

But the one thing (make that THREE things!) that make me laugh on a practically hourly basis, without fail, in some goofy way or another, are the antics of our houndie herd:

At almost 12 years old, Max is our sweet old man!
 A sweet, content soul, he still has his moments of unexpected goofy playfulness!
During crazy chase play, he is smart enough to just stand in one place & nip at the girls as they run by!
We love to watch him bounce with joy at discovering & chasing & flipping his beloved ball...
...for about a minute, then it is time for a nap!
(this is him many years ago...most pix of him now are cute sleeping ones!)

This is Dottie, who just turned 5.
 She is usually the most amusing (and annoying!) of the trio.
She is a typical "middle child", doing whatever it takes to get attention,
 especially when it comes to the attention of her "daddy", whom she worships shamelessly & selfishly!
 She is a talker (bitcher & moaner is more like it!) and her best talent is singing.
It always cracks us up to put on a certain scene from Lord of the Rings and watch how she cocks her head & howls!
She watches tv too, and not just when animals are on the screen.
Here she is attempting to "pet" the fish in our pond!
The video of her doing this is even funnier, especially the part where she almost falls in!

Our little baby Annabelle,who is 4.
She was our "problem child",  never before having experienced life out of the confines
of an outdoor breeding cage, which was the only "home" she knew before she came to us.
But she has slowly but surely moved into her
 "I am getting the hang of this love thing and I believe that I have it pretty good now" phase!
Watching this transformation unfold and seeing her blossom & come into her own,
and feel happiness and trust and security makes me laugh more than anything.
An expression, a position, a surprise bout of snuggly affection.
She is funny in innocent, subtle, precious ways.

Our dogs are such an important part of what makes our lives so happy.
They give us countless moments of happiness, love, comfort and laughter.
I cannot imagine my life without them...
Or without laughter!

"I believe there is a direct correlation
between love and laughter."
Yacov Smirnoff 

So do I, most definitely!

Now go find something to make you laugh! :)
Happy Me-Laurie Z




  1. Laurie, being an animal lover, to me these photos are so heartwarming and bring me great joy ~ they are adorable! Wow! ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  2. I completely relate to your sense of forboding. Is that the right word? Like you, my life has been hit hard with sudden unexpectd tragedy and suffering. Never before have I had to live daily with this sixth sense that is not welcome, but I find strength and hope in my GOd ad my faith. Nothing will come my way that has not first been filtered through His hands and His plan. I have seen much good come through even bad things in my life, and I still hold onto the knowledge that He is sovreign and all loving. I don't need to know the why behind it all. I don't know that I would even understand it if I did. That is where trust comes in. I pray that you can find the same peace. That we can both find rest in spite of life's uncertainties. One thin IS certain and that is I love you! <3

  3. Look at those precious faces! What sweet doggies! I am sure they provide so many reasons to smile and laugh

  4. Oh, yes... totally would keep me laughing!
    Thank you for linking up this week :)