Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Make-It: Bird's Nest Pendant

Today was another sun soaked Spring day and I could not resist being outdoors as much as possible! During the late morning, I decided to take a little walk...the path of which just happened to take me right by TO Dollar Tree!(hee hee!) I browsed a bit & loaded up on some artsy craftsy stuff as well as some decorations for upcoming Beltane. After arriving back home, I enjoyed lunch (with my working-from-home-today hubby!), out on our back deck, among the tall greening trees, and we shared some veggies and nuts with our friend Sammy the squirrel, who sits up & begs all cute just like a little dog! Then after working on some art (Day 6 of Project *Doll*Face**!), I needed some more outside time, so I mowed the lawn and walked around our yard seeing what new pretties are showing their face and basking in the sunshine, like this blushing beauty!
All of this communing with nature has me excited to wear less layers and lighter colors of clothing too, along with several special Spring jewlery items I cherish. This is one of them, which I wore today...

Although I did not make this (a Swap-Bot friend made it for me) I did make one for my mom last year because she liked mine so much, and it was quite easy to create. I thought I'd share a few how-to's on creating your own sweet little birds nest necklace, just in time to celebrate Springs arrival!

Let me know if you make one, I'd love to see how it turned out! (and wouldn't this make a wonderful Mothers Day gift too?!)

Hope your day was full of sunshine and spring surprises!

Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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