Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Share-" Tulips"

Today was a beautiful warm sun-filled day, so we were excited to make about an hour long drive out to Skagit County,Washington, which is infamous for its many acres of beautiful tulip & daffodil fields. During bloom season, there is an annual month-long Tulip Festival which draws massive amounts of visitors (I think the attendance was the highest of the season so far today!), to witness the wonderous sight of  literally millions of flowers blanketing the ground, looking like something out of a fantastical fairy tale! In the 4 years I have lived here, I have only been one previous time, and, was absolutley mesmerized!There are different colors and varieties planted each season, so even if you would go every year, you will always see something different. I doubt I will ever tire of seeing the magic of so many brightly colored flowers stretching before me. It was such a magical way to celebrate Earth Day and the miracles of Mother Nature!

Sharing some photos...

We plan to buy quite a lot of bulbs from Roozengaarde  this fall, in hopes that we can have our own beautiful mini-field in our yards next Spring!

Hope your day was filled with spring color and sunshine too!

Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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  1. lovely!! what great pictures!! I wil be using this in my next 'standing in a field of flowers meditation! thanks xx prita