Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday "Make-It": Full Moon Dreamboard

Happy Monday everyone! It is going to be another sun filled, warm  day (well, "warm" for the PNW in early April, that is!), so since I have been feeling major withdrawl, I think that I will treat myself to a day at the beach this afternoon! I'm so lucky that beautiful Brackett's Landing in Edmonds is just a short bus ride away, and within walking distance of the beautiful beach is a great little senior center thrift store, a yummy coffeehouse, a dog beach, the ferry terminal, a marina, a historic "downtown" Main St. area with lots of cute little shops, and a great library! Not to mention two sides of a snow covered mountain range view! It is definitely an all-day destination for me!

Before I head out,I wanted to share todays post, which is a bit late in coming...
My "Make-It" for today is actually a "made-it" for me, and that is my 
FULL MOON DREAMBOARD  for April (which was last Fri. Apr. 6). 

This month is the FULL PINK MOON, which asks "What dreams is it time to tend?
What are you dreaming under this Full Pink Moon? The name represents the pink flowers that so lavishly bloom in the spring. What an invitation to let yourself luxuriate in your dreams,
embracing them passionately, sharing them magnificently and enjoying each precious bloom."

The main dream of mine which I feel needs tending is this:
I am feeling my body beseeching me to eat healthier.
To end the caving to cravings for sugar and processed "crunchiness".
And, overcoming my biggest nemesis (and fulfilling a dream)...
Taking the leap from vegetarian to vegan,
which involves saying goodbye to my beloved cheese.
(not sure I can ever pull that one off, but my emotions are waging a war with my taste buds,
 and I know that it is the right thing to do in my commitment to putting the welfare of animals
over my selfish and harmful wants).
Hand in hand with this is also my desire to attempt to grow my own veggies and herbs.
Not the easiest task in the rain soaked, sun desprived Pacific Northwest!
But that is just an excuse, seeing that I have never even tried.
Now is the time to honor my body temple with nourishing, whole, healthy, real foods.
To "walk my talk", and actually eat like I believe that I (and everyone) should.
To align my beliefs with my actions.

What dreams of yours need tending these days?

Have a beautiful day!
Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. Such a delicious looking board Laurie! I applaud you for taking the leap to vegan. The cheese cravings do subside, I promise! May your board and your thoughtful, caring words above bring you all that you dream for. xx

  2. What a gorgeous dreamboard, Laurie! And I wish you lots of strenth to take the leap you so long for : ). I am sure it will happen when you are ready. And yay for growing your own veggies! I love doing that : ). I know nothing about it but they seem to grow anyway ha, ha! Maybe it's the love I give them every day : ).

    Big hugs, Karina