Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Share...Creatures Great and Small

My honey bunny and I went to the  Woodland Park Zoo  today for our "Easter celebration".
If you know me, you know how very much I adore animals of all kinds.
I feel such an emotional attachement to thse wonderously amazing creatures who we are blessed to share this planet with. I am not completely comfortable with the idea of animals as entertainment but realize that the majority of the animals at the Zoo were born in captivity and would not survive in the wilderness, but still...
I fought back tears several times today seeing how some of these magnificant creatures live...I just wish for so much more/better for many of them...they may live longer in captivity, but is it a "happier" life? I just don't know and it hurts my heart to ponder the complexities of this situation.
That being said, I did support the Woodland Park Zoo's mission to "save animals and create lifelong memories that inspire people to conserve the natural world" by paying admission to marvel at so many incredible animals today.

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite photographs that we took of the beautiful animals we saw.

This last photo melts me.
Jeff was standing near the glass waiting for this gorilla to move closer so he could take some photos.
Suddenly, the gorilla started running towards us, jumped up onto a ledge,
 and crawled to the window right in front of Jeff.
He  layed down on his tummy, with his face just as close to the glass as he could get
 and gazed right at Jeff, who was mere inches away on the other side of the glass enclosure.
They just locked eyes for a good five minutes, and communicated in a language that was beyond words.
It was so amazing, and the others around us gasped and exclaimed in hushed voices
 at what they were witnessing.
It was an incredible experience to see, and even more so for Jeff to be a part of.
Remember I mentioned fighting back tears?
The tears won this time.

Hope your Easter was abundant with blessings, great and small, as ours was.

Happy Me-Laurie Z!

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