Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Daddy

Earlier this week marked the 19th anniversary of my daddy's death (by suicide).
I miss him.
Every single day.
I wish he could have seen his beautiful grandaughter and awesome grandson grow up.
And to know his adorable great grandson.
I wish he would have been here for me through some rough times.
And see how happy I am now.
I wish he could just be here and be my daddy.
But when I think of him, I don't dwell in sadness.
When I think of him, it is usually with a smile...
because when he was his best self,
he was so loving and so much fun...always funny, teasing, goofy, silly and trying to crack you up.
And usually succeeding.
I like to think that I got my sense of humor from him.
(My mom often comments that if I were any more like him, I'd have a you-know-what!
Bwahahaha! Good one, mom! Yep, she has a pretty great sense of humor too!)

Today for my "Saturday Smile" post, I'm sharing a few photos of my daddy.

Top left: me with my daddy and his police dog Fritzi
 Top right:an article in the newspaper about a fire rescue my daddy made
Bottom left: me & my daddy in our matching silly hats at Silver Dollar City
Middle right: this was an probably Easter
Bottom right: my daddy at his goofiest!

Thank you for letting me share a small scope of the smiles he brought me.

Be generous with your smiles today, you never know whent someone might really need one.

Happy Me-Laurie Z!


  1. What a beautiful post. I am so glad that you have great memories of him! Hugs.

  2. Such a touching post.
    I love that you have great memories of him.